Infographic: Consumers Don’t Log In When They Watch Pay TV. Why Should They With TV Everywhere?


As an executive in an organization with a TV Everywhere service, you value your customers and strive to be their preferred destination for watching shows and movies.

Yet, something is in your way. It’s the cumbersome sign‐in requirements that your viewers have to deal with when they go to watch your content across devices.

Thankfully, the industry has come up with a solution that makes watching TV Everywhere as easy as watching traditional cable or satellite TV. It’s called Home Based Authentication (HBA) and it’s a way to verify subscribers’ access to TV Everywhere without requiring them to enter a username and password.

In the following infographic, we share:

  • Why it’s a big problem to ask subscribers to log in with a username and password
  • How Home Based Authentication (HBA) can increase the number of subscribers using your TV Everywhere service and elevate their engagement with your service
  • How to enable Home Based Authentication (HBA) for your subscribers

In short, Home Based Authentication (HBA) is a TV Everywhere feature that helps you show your subscribers that you value them, make their experience with your service better, and boost their online TV consumption.

Get the free infographic here:


Horia Galatanu

About Horia Galatanu

Horia Galatanu is Senior Product Manager for Adobe Primetime entitlement where he leads the strategic vision, product roadmap, priorities and key industry partnerships for Adobe’s TV Everywhere efforts. He has led the team from idea to eventual position as the industry’s leading solution for TV-E. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences including OATC, CTAM, Streaming Media and TVOT and has spoken at TEDx about how easy it is to dismiss great ideas that don’t fit your viewpoint. Horia is a computer scientist by background and in the past, has led technical teams on online video. He has a bachelor’s and master's degree in computer science from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest.

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