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Watch: Video Shows How to Improve Online TV with Relevant Recommendations

A familiar refrain from my childhood was, “I’m bored. There’s nothing on TV.”

Of course, there were shows on TV, shows that didn’t fit my tastes in that moment. And that was a bad viewer experience.

The ideal experience is one where a viewer can look at the screen, see something to watch, and start watching.

Adobe Primetime Recommendations makes this ideal experience possible for over-the-top (OTT) and TV Everywhere (TVE) video services.

Get to know the ins and outs of our recommendations solution in this video:

OTT and TVE providers have a number of reasons to be excited about Adobe Primetime Recommendations.

  1. It recommends content to new users, who don’t yet have a viewing history. This is achieved by using other existing contextual data sources to inform recommendations.
  2. The recommendations get even better as users establish a viewing history. As new data builds on existing data, the solution uses built-in A/B testing to keep video recommendations current to viewers’ latest preferences.
  3. Recommended videos play instantly. The solution caches recommended videos in advance so that when they’re selected for playback, viewers don’t experience a delay.

Through features like these, Adobe Primetime Recommendations can increase viewer engagement with an OTT or TVE service by up to 30%.

To learn more about Adobe Primetime and the additional benefits that it has beyond personalization, visit our website.