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Delivering on Consumer Expectations for Personalized TV

There’s a growing body of research to support the fact that consumers prefer personalized TV viewing experiences over uniform TV experiences that recommend similar content, regardless of who is watching. Media companies can respond to this viewer expectation by accelerating their personalization efforts. Two key resources from Adobe can help:

  1. Adobe’s latest guide, “Television gets personal”, covers how to successfully deliver personalized TV viewing experiences.
  2. A new article titled, “7 ways to personalize TV” dives into the data and technology necessary to make personalized TV work.

Specifically, the article highlights that media companies need data to understand viewers’ taste preferences and technology to infuse those preferences into a personalized experience that delights audiences. It goes on to show readers the 7 types of data and technology needed for personalized TV, including user data, session context, third-party data, segmentation, A/B testing, algorithms, and automated optimization.Be sure to read all about these building blocks for personalization.

If you work for a media company and want to accelerate your video personalization efforts, we’d love to hear from you.