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New Technical Paper: “Optimizing ‘Start to Playback’ Performance”

In the Adobe Primetime forums, we noticed that application developers wanted best practices for making the initial playback and channel switching experience of their protected streams as fast as possible. It’s a worthy endeavor because fast video startup time is what viewers expect when watching premium content online.

In response, we have published a new technical paper, “Optimizing ‘Start to Playback’ performance with Adobe Access content,” which outlines five best practices for optimizing the time between when a viewer selects content and when it begins to play. We invite Adobe Primetime application developers to use these best practices.

The paper addresses the basic challenge that protected content takes more time to begin playback then unprotected content because it must be queued up in a cryptographically secure manner. The secure setup takes three steps with Adobe Primetime, each of which has one or more possible optimizations available for developers to improve video startup time. By implementing one or more of these options, you can shave seconds off your video startup time.

To access all the methods to optimize video startup time, download the technical paper from Adobe Developer Connection’s “What’s new” section  or get the PDF directly here.

Be sure to continue to provide your input in the forums. The Adobe Primetime team participates in the conversations that are happening and aims to provide helpful resources, like this technical paper, to help you deliver a seamless viewing experience.