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Ramp Up on Closed Captions Fast with “Introduction to Closed Captions”

Closed captions should be easy. They’re just words on the screen. However, they’re actually quite complex. 13 major caption formats have come about in response to regulatory policies and the differing technical landscapes of analog, digital, and online TV. Our technical paper provides a primer on these dominant caption formats and describes how Adobe Primetime enhances closed captioning workflows.

Today, closed captions are an integral part of delivering TV programming to U.S. consumers on any screen. Regulations in the U.S. require closed captions for all television programs, even those redistributed to the Internet.

Our goal with Adobe Primetime is to make it easy for TV providers to extend the reach of closed captions to all platforms. Robust closed captioning support is a key component of the Primetime TVSDK, which uses the 608 over 708 and WebVTT caption formats to extend the reach of premium content to browsers (including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) and devices (including iOS, Android, Xbox One and Roku). Anyone using our TVSDK, including TV providers embracing MPEG-DASH, will easily get their captions delivered to all these devices and browsers.

To learn more, check out Adobe Primetime’s “Introduction to Closed Captions” technical paper.