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Adobe Primetime Takes Home Cablefax Tech Award

­Today, we attended the Cable­fax Dig­i­tal, Tech and Trailer Awards break­fast in New York City along with our indus­try cohorts. We’re thrilled to announce that Adobe Prime­time was hon­ored with a Cable­fax Tech Award in the “TV Everywhere/Authentication Sys­tem” cat­e­gory. Cablefax’s Tech Awards rec­og­nize the for­ward-think­ing tech gurus con­tin­u­ally rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing cable tech­nol­ogy with amaz­ing prod­ucts, cam­paigns and part­ner­ships. Thank you to the Cable­fax judges for val­i­dat­ing Adobe Primetime’s work help­ing broad­cast­ers, cable net­works and ser­vice providers cre­ate, deliver and mon­e­tize engag­ing and per­son­al­ized TV expe­ri­ences across screens.

Cable fax 1

Addi­tion­ally, Cable­fax hon­ored indi­vid­u­als named to The Dig­i­tal Hot List 2015, which “rec­og­nizes exec­u­tives shep­herd­ing inno­va­tion and pro­gress in social media, dig­i­tal dis­tri­b­u­tion, app devel­op­ment, web con­tent, tech­nol­ogy strat­egy, TV Everywhere/authentication and other cut­ting-edge mul­ti­plat­form projects.” He’s already on Adobe’s hot list, but we’re proud to see our own Jens Loef­fler, prin­ci­pal tech­ni­cal evan­ge­list, acknowl­edged again by Cable­fax for his indus­try achieve­ments via Adobe Prime­time. Con­grats, Jens, and to all of our indus­try col­leagues for this recog­ni­tion!

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It’s an excit­ing time for Adobe Prime­time and the indus­try and we’re not slow­ing down. We have some excit­ing solu­tion updates along with cus­tomer and part­ner momen­tum com­ing at The NAB Show (April 13–16) so stay tuned and hope to see you there.


New, Industry-First Concurrency Monitoring Comes to Adobe Primetime

Our team is busy at The NAB Show this week, and as part of our lat­est pro­duct release, we’re launch­ing Adobe Prime­time con­cur­rency mon­i­tor­ing, cur­rently in beta test­ing with select media com­pa­nies.

The ser­vice enables use cases defined in the Open Authen­ti­ca­tion Tech­ni­cal Committee’s (OATC) newly pub­lished Resource Usage Mon­i­tor­ing (RUM) spec­i­fi­ca­tion, which defines the data for­mats and work­flows for cross com­pany data aggre­ga­tion and exchange. Adobe took a lead­er­ship role in the devel­op­ment of this spec­i­fi­ca­tion to enhance the real-time flow of infor­ma­tion between oper­a­tors and pro­gram­mers. The new spec fills a crit­i­cal gap in many TV Every­where imple­men­ta­tions, and will help advance the indus­try.

Adobe Primetime Concurrency Monitoring

Adobe Prime­time con­cur­rency mon­i­tor­ing pro­vides greater real-time insights into view­er­ship pat­terns. This allows media com­pa­nies to enforce affil­i­ate oblig­a­tions to limit con­cur­rent streams, and can enable poten­tially more expan­sive sub­scrip­tion pack­ages built around a pay-TV household’s con­cur­rent usage needs. This capa­bil­ity could also help encour­age smoother authen­ti­ca­tion expe­ri­ences by help­ing to limit abuse asso­ci­ated with auto­mated in-home TV Every­where account ver­i­fi­ca­tion.  

Con­cur­rency mon­i­tor­ing works with the Adobe Prime­time pay-TV pass capa­bil­ity for both pro­gram­mers and inte­grated oper­a­tors where the sub­scriber account iden­ti­fier is pro­vided through exist­ing Adobe pay-TV pass func­tion­al­ity. Con­cur­rency mon­i­tor­ing also works for deploy­ments that don’t use Adobe’s TV Every­where authen­ti­ca­tion, includ­ing mon­i­tor­ing sites and apps man­aged by oper­a­tors.  The ser­vice can be inte­grated into exist­ing sys­tems to enable a vari­ety of use cases, includ­ing real-time stream-limit enforce­ment and gath­er­ing rich ana­lyt­ics around viewer engage­ment. 

Joel Huff is a group pro­duct man­ager for Video Solu­tions at Adobe

[UPDATE] Below is a Beet.TV video inter­view from The NAB Show with our own Ash­ley Still, senior direc­tor of pro­duct man­age­ment for Adobe Prime­time, dis­cussing the lat­est pro­duct enhance­ments includ­ing con­cur­rency mon­i­tor­ing (start­ing at 4:20). More video inter­views about Adobe Prime­time from The NAB Show are avail­able on Beet.TV’s web­site.




Adobe Primetime Wins “Best of NAB” Award


We’ve been busy at NAB this week speak­ing with part­ners and cus­tomers about the future of tele­vi­sion and the gen­eral avail­abil­ity of Adobe Prime­time – our TV pub­lish­ing and mon­e­ti­za­tion plat­form for pro­gram­mers and pay-TV ser­vice providers. Fresh off our announce­ment, we’re excited that Adobe Prime­time has been pre­sented with a “Best of NAB” award by Stream­ing Media. The award rec­og­nizes inno­v­a­tive online video tech­nolo­gies shown and demon­strated at the con­fer­ence. Judges from the Stream­ing Media staff selected the five most inno­v­a­tive and best equipped tech­nolo­gies (no speci­fic cat­e­gories) that solve major indus­try chal­lenges. We’re thrilled to be hon­ored alongside four other com­pa­nies  – Canon, Envivio, Matrox and vMix.

Adobe VP of Video Solutions Jeremy Helfand (right) and Adobe's Jens Loeffler (left) with Streaming Media's "Best of NAB" Award for Adobe Primetime

Adobe VP of Video Solu­tions Jeremy Helfand (right) and Adobe’s Jens Loef­fler (left) with Stream­ing Media’s “Best of NAB” Award for Adobe Prime­time

We believe 2013 will trans­form how con­sumers view and engage with TV con­tent online and across devices, and how pro­gram­mers and pay-TV providers respond to that shift. This award val­i­dates our work and the belief that the next big indus­try trans­for­ma­tion since the intro­duc­tion of cable tele­vi­sion 30 years ago is upon us. We’re con­vinced that Adobe Prime­time will play a major role in turn­ing every screen into a TV.

Watch the video below of Adobe’s Jeremy Helfand, VP of video solu­tions, accept­ing the “Best of NAB” award from Stream­ing Media edi­tor Eric Schu­macher-Ras­mussen.


Video stream­ing by Ustream

Adobe Partners are Ready for Adobe Primetime

When you start some­thing new in life be it a com­pany, a project or some­thing per­sonal — it is excit­ing.

Today, we announced Adobe Prime­time — a com­plete multi-screen video solu­tion that enables broad­cast pro­gram­mers and pay TV ser­vice providers to cap­i­tal­ize broad­cast video across every con­nected screen.

Many times, you find your­self dream­ing about suc­cess and how you might change the world – and if you’re smart, you will build on strong and solid foun­da­tions from your his­tory that accel­er­ate your suc­cess – and that is just what we did with Adobe Prime­time.

Adobe has devel­oped very strong and trusted tech­nol­ogy part­ner­ships in the video deliv­ery ecosys­tem that drive many of the videos watched online today. It is these part­ner­ships and tech­nolo­gies that make up the ecosys­tem that enables the future of multi-screen video with Adobe Prime­time.

While our name is new, Adobe Prime­time is built on a strong foun­da­tion of encod­ing, deliv­ery, play­back and pro­tec­tion ecosys­tem.  Adobe Inno­va­tions such as RTMP, H.264, and Adap­tive bitrate have enabled the world to engage with video in new ways devel­oped by our cus­tomers that chal­lenged how we con­sumed video.

Look around in your home, at your kids in your office and notice – the world con­sumes video dif­fer­ently today than five years ago and behind the sce­nes, Adobe inno­va­tion is there and that is the basis of Adobe Prime­time.

Over the past 10+ years of video inno­va­tion, Adobe has part­nered with the early vision­ar­ies and inno­va­tors in video prepa­ra­tion and deliv­ery. As a result, Exabyte’s of video is deliv­ered or pre­pared every month and con­sumed using Adobe tech­nolo­gies that are inte­grated into net­work, hard­ware, soft­ware and cloud solu­tions.

From video ingest and encod­ing using RTMP, to HTTP out­put and H.264 across every device – Adobe tech­nolo­gies are inte­grated into the very core of vir­tu­ally every com­po­nent in the video work­flow.

Adobe Prime­time was built from the ground up com­bin­ing many dif­fer­ent tech­nolo­gies into one and lever­age exist­ing part­ner solu­tions so that broad­cast­ers can deliver a robust, rich live stream­ing or HD video on-demand expe­ri­ence to global audi­ences. The video indus­try is under­go­ing a shift towards stan­dard­iza­tion and inter­op­er­abil­ity, and it is that inter­op­er­abil­ity that will cat­a­pult the vol­ume of video avail­able to con­sumers.

This week in Las Vegas, the NAB Show is a per­fect exam­ple of the evo­lu­tion of video. In nearly every booth, video inno­va­tions are demon­strated on devices of many shapes, sizes and con­nect­ed­ness.

Okay – let’s look at the ecosys­tem (from our eyes), and how Adobe Prime­time cus­tomers can lever­age their exist­ing hard­ware and ser­vices con­tracts to quickly address the screens of now and the future.

ENCODERS: There are two classes of encoders – those that enable live stream­ing and those that enable VOD stream­ing. Encoders can live at a broad­caster data cen­ter or in the cloud. Encoders are where video starts its jour­ney to the device. These pow­er­ful work­horses con­sume one video stream or file and in real-time out­put 20–40 dif­fer­ent ver­sions at var­i­ous shapes and sizes opti­mized for devices. Encoders also con­vert embed­ded video sig­nals for adver­tis­ing, closed cap­tion­ing and enti­tle­ment then trans­port it to Adobe Prime­time-enabled play­ers. Encoders also pack­age con­tent into HDS or HLS for­mat (both sup­ported by Adobe Prime­time) and also apply DRM and Pro­tected Stream­ing using Adobe Prime­time DRM (for­mally Adobe Access). Many encod­ing com­pa­nies are also inno­vat­ing smart origin and pack­ag­ing ser­vices to provide addi­tional scale to meet the com­ing demand.

Cisco_Elemental1Vision­ary com­pa­nies like Cisco and Ele­men­tal have led the way with inno­v­a­tive live stream­ing tech­nolo­gies that are quickly lever­ag­ing cloud infra­struc­ture to meet the scale and capac­ity required to quickly pro­duce the qual­ity and mul­ti­ple for­mat require­ments. These indus­try-lead­ing com­pa­nies are present in many broad­cast­ers’ data cen­ters today. Adobe has also part­nered with Envivio, Har­monic, and RGB Net­works – whose devices and ser­vices are ready for Adobe Prime­time today. We are work­ing to enable all of our encoder part­ners with Adobe Prime­time tech­nolo­gies.

DRM & PROTECTION SERVICES: DRM pro­tec­tion is extremely com­plex tech­nol­ogy to deploy due to secu­rity and robust­ness require­ments. When cou­pled with the var­i­ous sup­port across devices, con­nected TV’s, game con­soles and PCs, DRM adds a lot of bar­ri­ers to multi-screen video stream­ing. DRM ser­vice providers make it eas­ier to imple­ment license deliv­ery, sub­scrip­tion enti­tle­ment and event trans­ac­tional ser­vices for rental or pay-per-view ser­vices. DRM ser­vice providers oper­ate Adobe Prime­time DRM license ser­vices, and can eas­ily inte­grate into encod­ing work­flows to encrypt video con­tent. Adobe Prime­time Player uses a sin­gle DRM across desk­tops, Android, iOS and con­nected TVs – with full sup­port for indus­try stan­dard Ultra­vi­o­let Com­mon Encryp­tion.


Com­pa­nies like Ird­eto have gladly taken the respon­si­bil­ity of host­ing Adobe Prime­time DRM license servers so it doesn’t have to be man­aged by broad­cast­ers or dis­trib­u­tors. They provide an inno­v­a­tive and robust pro­tec­tion ser­vice that can reduce the com­plex­ity for pro­tect­ing con­tent stream­ing to Adobe Prime­time-enabled video play­ers. Adobe has also part­nered with Vualto, Authen­tec, CSG and other pop­u­lar DRM ser­vices. Con­tent encryp­tion can be done when video is encoded through encod­ing part­ners, or dynam­i­cally using cloud ser­vice providers such as Lev­el3 or Aka­mai.

CONTENT DELIVERY NETWORKS (CDN): Think of CDNs as the 21st century’s video antenna. With­out them, we lit­er­ally would not have the abil­ity to deliver HD video across such a wide array of net­works, like mobile, WiFi, office or home Inter­net con­nec­tions. CDNs provide the trans­port and caching tech­nolo­gies vital to video deliv­ery. CDNs are expand­ing what they can do by oper­at­ing encoders, live ingest, encryp­tion and other ser­vices to make video pub­lish­ing eas­ier.


Com­pa­nies like Aka­mai, Ama­zon Web Ser­vices and Lev­el3 provide the global scale and reach required to bring video expe­ri­ences to con­sumer devices that are unin­ter­rupted by net­work buffer­ing. Nearly every top broad­caster glob­ally makes use of one or many of our deliv­ery net­work part­ners. Adobe Prime­time is an HTTP-stream­ing based solu­tion sup­ported by the HDS and HLS stream­ing for­mats which can pass and scale through CDNs eas­ily. These CDNs can also dynam­i­cally pre­pare videos that can be watched within an Adobe Prime­time-enabled video player.   Adobe part­ners with more than 25 CDNs glob­ally, and we are work­ing to cer­tify them all to sup­port Adobe Prime­time cus­tomers.

LIVE EVENT SERVICES: Today there are more Live events and 24x7 lin­ear stream­ing being watched than video on-demand. Web­cast­ing is not what it used to be and Adobe’s part­ners have made per­fect­ing pro­fes­sional live video stream­ing their busi­ness. From satel­lite, fiber or IP sig­nal acqui­si­tion, these pro­fes­sional ser­vices com­pa­nies bring the world’s major events such as the Olympics, Super Bowl, World Cup and more to every screen imag­in­able. By deploy­ing the world’s most advanced live and lin­ear facil­i­ties along with oper­at­ing encoders, tele­ports, pay­ment sys­tems and large data cen­ters – con­sumers now expe­ri­ence full HD live events that do not fail – and are enhanced with live high­light clip­ping and advanced per­for­mance teleme­try.


Com­pa­nies like iStream­Planet, AEG Dig­i­tal Media, Delta­tre, ATOS Origin, Origin Dig­i­tal and NeuLion all part­ner with Adobe to enable Adobe Prime­time cus­tomers with inte­grated sig­nal acqui­si­tion, pro­tec­tion and engag­ing video player expe­ri­ences that drive extremely high vol­umes and adver­tis­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties. By com­bin­ing Adobe Prime­time ad inser­tion tech­nol­ogy into their work­flows, our cus­tomers can mon­e­tize their con­tent through adver­tis­ing and authen­ti­ca­tion. This is hard work, and it requires a mas­ter­ful hand to make sure events are suc­cess­ful because as a friend of mine often reminds me, “If you are deliv­er­ing an Inter­net-only stream, and it fails…you don’t have an event!”

Adobe Prime­time may be new, but we have been work­ing to pre-enable an ecosys­tem of tech­nolo­gies to provide a pre­mier broad­cast video expe­ri­ence across screens and more inno­va­tion is on the way!

CES: TV Everywhere Becoming a Reality in 2013

As we embark on a new year, we’re excited to see more and more “TV Every­where” expe­ri­ences com­ing online. With Adobe Pass, our Emmy Engi­neer­ing award-win­ning authen­ti­ca­tion ser­vice and a key com­po­nent of Adobe‘s Project Prime­time, we are work­ing closely with our part­ners to make it eas­ier for mil­lions of con­sumers to access their pay TV con­tent across devices.

Adobe Pass is now sup­ported by more than 150 pay TV oper­a­tors cov­er­ing nearly 98 per­cent of all pay TV house­holds in the U.S. Given the cur­rent adop­tion rate, we antic­i­pate all major TV shows will be avail­able through a TV Every­where expe­ri­ence in the next two years.

We’re thrilled that A+E Net­works just launched its first iPad apps, pow­ered by Adobe Pass, for three of its net­works: A&E, HISTORY and Life­time. These three net­works bring to iPad users their broad­cast con­tent, includ­ing pop­u­lar TV shows like Stor­age Wars (A&E), Pawn Stars (HISTORY) and Project Run­way (Life­time). Addi­tion­ally, Com­cast cus­tomers can access exclu­sive con­tent across all three apps. With three new A+E apps now live, more than 55 sites and mobile apps are now pow­ered by Adobe’s authen­ti­ca­tion ser­vice. TV pro­gram­mers work­ing with Adobe include NBC, Fox, Dis­ney, ESPN, Car­toon Net­work, MTV, TNT, CNN, Scripps, Pac12, NFL Net­work, The Hall­mark Chan­nel, Uni­vi­sion, and many oth­ers.

We’re excited about the pipeline of new TV Every­where apps com­ing online in 2013 – bring­ing con­sumers a dig­i­tal liv­ing room expe­ri­ence on the go. Stay tuned for some major updates between now and The NAB Show.


Adobe Video Solutions Team at NAB

The video solu­tions team is excited to be in Las Vegas for the NAB event from April 16th to the 19th.

We’ve made some sig­nif­i­cant efforts to reduce frag­men­ta­tion and provide cus­tomers the best tools for pub­lish­ing, pro­tect­ing and mon­e­tiz­ing online video to multi-screen devices. At this year’s NAB, we’ll be par­tic­u­larly empha­siz­ing our recent Project Prime­time announce­ment, which focuses on help­ing con­tent cre­ators get their pre­mium video online, with seam­less ad inser­tion and ana­lyt­ics.  Addi­tion­ally we’ll be show­ing pro­tected HLS and HDS HTTP stream­ing to the iPad and Galaxy Tab.


Come visit our booth to say hello, ask ques­tions, and see our amaz­ing stream­ing prod­ucts and demos includ­ing speak peeks into our recent CS6 Pro­duc­tion Pre­mium announce­ment.