CanSecWest 2008 Pwn2Own Contest

Security Bulletins and Advisories

On Friday March 28, 2008 during the CanSecWest 2008 security conference Shane Macaulay of Security Objectives uncovered a potential security issue with Flash Player. Adobe Product Incident Response Team (PSIRT) received information regarding the exploit from TippingPoint, who sponsored the contest, on Friday evening. After some internal investigation, we found that via our ongoing response and security testing process we were aware of the issue and had fixed it for our security update coming in the next Flash Player update later this month.
What should I do as a customer?
We have fixed the issue and it will be in our next update coming later this month. Adobe is not aware of any active exploits in wild. The security researchers have reported the information to us responsibly giving the Flash Player team time to investigate and deliver a patch to you. We will provide more information as it becomes available.
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Security Bulletins and Advisories

Posted on 04-02-2008


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