Now Available: Adobe Reader X for Android

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of Adobe Reader X for Android phones and tablets.  Reader X is faster and more secure than the previous versions, and brings in lots of new features as well!  See below for a summary of the new features in this release.

Text Search

Reader X allows you to search for any text within a PDF document. Search results are highlighted as shown in the image below. Press the search key on your device, or the search icon in the floating top bar to enter the search mode. You can easily go back and forth between the search results using the buttons placed in the middle at the bottom of the screen, and press your device’s back button or the cross button on top-right to move out of the search mode.

Searching for text in the document

Password-protected documents

Also added in this release is support for password protected documents.  Reader X lets you view documents protected using Acrobat X or earlier (based on RC4, AES 128-bit, and AES 256-bit algorithms).

Opening a password protected document

Quickly jumping between pages in long documents

Reader X introduces a slider which can be used to quickly move between pages (in documents larger than 5 pages). You can drag this slider thumb to quickly jump to any part of the document.  You can also jump to a page by tapping at any position on the slider. The page indicator at the top left position displays the page number corresponding to the thumb position.

Jumping between pages using the Slider

Sharing a document

Also new in Reader X is the ability to easily share the currently opened document using any of the various sharing mechanisms available on your Android device. Depending on the configuration of your device, this can include sharing the document via email, Bluetooth, or various other services. Tap the Share icon in the top bar to share the document.

Sharing a document

Fit-to-Screen viewing mode

For those users who like to look at PDF documents one page at a time, Reader X introduces a new “Fit-to-Screen” viewing mode in addition to the earlier Continuous Scroll mode.  This mode is especially useful if you’re reading presentations.  Use the “View Mode” menu option to switch to this mode.

Switching to the Fit to Screen Viewing mode

While in Fit to Screen mode, you can navigate across pages in two ways: 1) Tap on the ‘hot zones’ near the left and right of the screen to take you to the previous or next page respectively, 2) Swipe the screen horizontally towards the left or right to navigate to the next or previous page respectively.

PDF Portfolios

Reader X enables you to view the contents of PDF portfolios, and to open any PDF files contained within them. You can browse through the files and directories within the PDF portfolio in a hierarchical manner.

A PDF Portfolio

Performance & Security

Thanks to a huge emphasis on performance, Reader X is visibly faster than the previous releases.  There have also been a large number of security fixes in this release making this a much more secure Reader release on this platform.

Support for Tablets

In addition to phones, Reader X has been designed to work well on Android Tablets as well.  With a larger screen on the tablets you can enjoy a high quality PDF viewing experience with Reader X.

More Languages

Reader X is available in 7 new languages (Czech, Danish, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Swedish) in addition to the previously supported English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch.

Access points to features
[Update: 11/19/2010] Based on user feedback on the Android Market, we’re posting below a visual guide to the access points for various features in Reader X.

Access points to various Reader X features

Needless to say, this is a feature packed release and we encourage you to install/update to Adobe Reader X and give us your valuable feedback.  Please write to or comment on this blog post with your feedback.  You can also post your queries on the User to User forums.

Please refer the Adobe Reader X for Android Release notes for further details about this release.

On behalf of the Reader Mobile Engineering Team

130 Responses to Now Available: Adobe Reader X for Android

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  8. Nate says:

    If I can’t access the Marketplace on my tablet then how do I get the app?

    • arboon says:

      Copy it on an SD disk on your desktop or laptop and insert it into your phone or tablet. That is how I did it. I have Android emulated on my windows phone.

  9. Ted Calbaz says:

    I wish to read downloaded library books on my android G2. How do i do this?



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  11. Mike S says:

    Where are bookmarks or at least the ability to remember the page I was on after I close the book and come back?

    • Grigoris says:

      When you close the app and open it again it will jump where it left the last time. It works even when you shut-down the phone 😉

  12. Kewei says:

    i need the ability to annotate on the pdf

  13. Sheila says:

    PDF does not allow fit to screen, highlighting as well a annotations. These functions are important to me as a PDF user.

  14. Robert V says:

    I still miss the possibility to open the document on the last viewed page, at least for the last closed document.

  15. paul says:

    Also need to annotate PDFs. Specifically, highlight text and add comment. Don’t need to draw arrows and boxes, or do anything freehand.

  16. arboon says:

    There is a need for an android pdf app that can highlight text and add notes. Why not adding these features in the update? The windows version of Reader X does have these poosibilities. A missed opportunity IMO.

  17. Richard Lehmann says:

    I use a few documents at one time. All of them are large. I have not found a way to bookmark a page that I am using. Please let me know if this feature is included and I am not seeing it.

  18. Mark Rooney says:

    You do not mention bookmarking and/or taking notes with this application. Is it a feature that will be added soon?

  19. Jim says:

    PDF annotation support is definitely a killer feature! Please include this!

  20. Judy says:

    When reading a pdf, the oval with the current page number ie ( 2/244) on the top left often covers up the first few words of text and it takes too long to fade out. Can you move this to the bottom of the page so it doesn’t interfere with reading the first line of each new page? As it is now, I have to wait a few seconds to start reading each page as the text is covered by the page status.

  21. Chris says:

    Need to be able to use interactive forms. this version does not support this to my knowledge.

  22. Aleks says:

    Please enable the use of bookmarks!

  23. jacopo alabiso says:

    problem in browsing a long document (a book, 700pages):
    Scroller is ok, but why not add the Table of Content view? Aldiko has it and it works pretty well.
    Also, I love zooming in with one tap, but it should zoom in the point I am tapping (now it zoom the center of the page, regardless)

  24. Marcus Lima says:

    While reading in mobile devices, bookmarking is an essential feature. Its a common cenario start reading and need to stop doing that suddenly. Its necessary to allow the user records the last read page.

  25. Steve says:

    REflow is excellent but please move the page numbers to the bottom right hand side of the screen!

  26. Sage says:

    Needs the ability to search for text within multiple pdf files at the same time the way the full version will on Windows.

  27. Crapdog says:

    Needs Xoom support!!

  28. Marko says:

    It is much faster and reflows text nicely. I am reading books with programing code, where reflowing text isn’t helpful so I can’t believe that there is no zoom button (like 15%, 20% etc.), jump to page (like insert page number) and bookmarks. Any way i hope you will fix this in next version. Good Job!

    • james says:

      Great, just what I need but without zoom I cannot read what is on my experia x8

  29. Ian justin says:

    how to download this app?

  30. Nik says:

    Please add “remember last opened page” functionality.

  31. john logan says:

    Shortly after books were invented the book mark was invented. A clever device which allowed the reader to start from the page he last read. Oh dear adobe what happened to common sense? Did you really produce a quality application without that most obvious requirement? or does no one in adobe use their own software?

  32. Robert Klockman says:

    I have a rooted B&N NookColor. The resident .pdf reader was very limited, so I downloaded the Adobe Reader X app from the market. It is on my device, but I can’t use it. If I download a .pdf from the web, the B&N .pdf reader opens it. When I open the Adobe app, I can not find a way to open a .pdf file on my device. How do I open a .pdf file with the app?

  33. Odd says:

    A very nice app so far, but it lacks a few essential functions for me:

    – remember last shown page so I can continue reading where I left off when the app or document is closed.

    – “jump to page” in reflow text mode. And why not add a simple Go to Page Number box?

    – move the page number display away from the top left of a new page where I want to be able to read the text.

  34. kszys says:

    3 things are missing
    bookmarks, highlighting and annotations
    for now i’ll stay with EZpdf its not perfect but much better then adobe reader

  35. bookmarks!!! says:

    Without bookmarks its worthless..
    If i have five pdf do i need to wrote down in notes where i am on each one?
    Please add bookmarks…

  36. Steve says:

    Can this adobe reader be used for filling pdf forms, saving them and then mailing them or sending them via wifi to be printed. if not is there any other pdf software which can do all that for a android based phone ?

    • kevin says:

      please answer the question posted by Steve.
      please include why not.
      please give the real why not.

      • Gaurav Jain says:


        Adobe Reader on Android doesn’t currently support form filling, but that’s high on our priority list. Please stay tuned to this blog for updates regarding this.


  37. Priscilla says:

    When I scan the barcode and try to open it, it comes back that its not in the android market?????????? am I missing something?

  38. gr says:

    It would be great if you could add highliting feature and bookmarking, these are the two major feature that should be added in a future update. I seem not to be the only one to say that…

  39. Greg says:

    What is the largest size PDF I can view with Reader X on a Samsung Galaxy Tab? I need to view blueprints at sizes between 250KB and 1.4Mb, but everytime I do I get an error that says ‘out of memory’.

  40. Ly Vuong says:

    Please support bookmarks or last page was on.

  41. Martin Visser says:

    How disappointing is the 10.2 app I just installed on my Android 2.2 tablet. Slow searching, no bookmarks, and can’t view table of contents. Probably will just stick with Akimbo or Docs to Go. This one is simply back to the 90’s

  42. Prakash Akut says:

    I use Adobe SendNow to export documents as pdf files from my iMac to my Android phone. When the same document is updated and re-exported, it gets added to the phone with a version number. How do I get Adobe Reader on the phone to replace the old version?

  43. gripper says:

    Why isn’t there any feature to highlight?

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      Thanks for posting your feature requests – these have been entered in our internal database and would be considered for future updates.


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  45. sanketh says:

    does this allow 3d viewing for pdf’s in adriod based tablets , saved in 3d mode from designing softwares like solidworks ??

    thnx in advance for the reply

  46. max says:

    Is it a bug or hushed up lack of feature but my Nexus S with installed latest Reader X does show me a note that I need to upgrade my Reader to be able ro listen to audio content inside Pencast PDFs

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  48. Paganel says:

    Help ! I have a problem : after having tackled between the (excellent) fit-to-page mode and the (interesting) reflow mode, I decided to gove a try to “continuous” mode, and now I am stuck on it because the tactile buttons to change mode do not reappear anymore.

    Is there a way to get back to “fit to screen” mode ? I tiried but rebooting my tablet (Hannspree SN10T1), by clearing the cache, by looking for an option tag in the “Applications” page : no way. Do you know what I should do ?

  49. Dave Thiede says:

    Still can’t annotate/ink directly on document like PDF Annotator allows. Unfortunately PDF Annotator does not have an Android version. From a business standpoint that keeps me from going to Android tablets.

  50. Alex says:

    Was hoping to see the comment function sometime soon.

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      Thanks for posting your feature request – these have been entered in our internal database and would be considered for future updates.


  51. Daniela says:

    This app works wonders on my Hero. Myy only qualm is, where is the BOOKMARK function.

    • Gaurav Jain says:

      Thanks for your request – Bookmarks is on top of our list and should be on its way in a future update.


  52. swapnil says:

    is there Read out option ?

  53. Winnie Marie says:

    Bookmarks will be awesome! Also, I have an adobe CD Rom book I loaded to my Samsung Tablet. On my PC I have the ability to click on an image to hear a recorded dialog. I would LOVE for my Tablet to be able to do the same… It also jumps from pages and chapters from links within each document… PLEASE put this on your list of “Stuff to fix” This would be amazingly appreciated! :)

    Thanks in advance, ~Winnie Marie

    • Gaurav Jain says:

      Thanks Winnie,

      Bookmarks are well on their way, so please stay tuned to this blog if you’d like to know as soon as they’re available.


  54. bookmark says:

    How the eff did you forget to include a bookmark???? would have taken about oooh the time it takes to say bookmark bookmark bookmark.

    Love bookmark.

  55. hani says:

    cant found bookmark for the latest version.. huhu. pls assist

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      Bookmarks will show up only if there are bookmarks in your document. Refer the screenshots in this blog post for where to find the button (towards the bottom right corner).


  56. reflow? says:

    where has reflow text gone? seriously useless for me now…

  57. Arturo says:

    1) BOOKMARKS!!
    3) ZOOM!

    • Gaurav Jain says:

      The latest version of Adobe Reader (10.1) on Androiid supports all of those!


  58. Stephane says:

    First, I love the app, thanks. PDF documents have never looked that good on Android devices.

    Also, if I may suggest an improvement, the app would be even better if it jumped automatically to the last read page of the document.


  59. Zoltán says:

    I have a lot of pdf file (~1000) on my tablet (TF101). File browsing is impossible by Reader X. It lists all the files instead of browsing by folders. I have to use external filemanager to browse a file.
    Is it possible that Reader X doesn’t list external SDcard in its own browser?

    • Gaurav Jain says:


      We understand the concern, and hope to resolve this problem in a future update. In the meantime, please use external file manager tools to navigate your PDF files.


  60. Zoltán says:

    When I dock ASUS TF101 into keyboard or I release from, the program exits to “Recently Viewed”.

  61. lmj says:

    How do you get the slider to be displayed when it hidden?

    • Gaurav Jain says:

      Just tap anywhere near the middle of the visible screen area.


      • mb says:

        Would there be a user guide that explains how to use all these features? It would be very helpful – I am trying to learn while training a group of 12.

        • dgriffin says:

          We have only a very basic getting started guide on basic usage, not detailed documentation. What features would you like to see more fully documented? We may need to add more documentation as we add more functionality, but I would like to have us focus on making the product not require it.

  62. keith says:

    Yes, as many have said above, I would love a feature to add highlighting.

    I would also love to be able to annotate the highlighted content.

  63. Wisam says:

    Thank you for the app. The screen draw slow and gets low quality when I zoom-in and out. It takes more time to redraw new areas. I saw the PDF viewer on iPad and it is much smoother.

  64. Jennifer Vigil says:

    “Out of Memory” error is really inconvenient on X. With Version 9.X we could open files as large a 7MB. Now with X can’t open one as small as 1.3MB. Need a fix for this ASAP.

  65. Chris Were says:

    It would be great if the application allowed me to print/share one page as opposed to the whole document

  66. Craig Wood says:

    I have a problem with portfolios…. I have one with around 100 subfiles (a total of 140mb) but it will only show half of them… Any idea why?

    • dgriffin says:

      We will need to look into this issue, and see if it is a general problem with portfolios containing a very large number of files, or perhaps unique to that one file.

      Dennis Griffin

  67. Steve Simone says:

    Can’t find a way to delete my PDF files on my Android phone.

    • dgriffin says:

      This is a great request, and we’re looking into this for a future update.

      Dennis Griffin

    • Vanessa says:

      There needs to be a way to unlock secured pdfs. My online class only sends my books online chapter by chapter but I have the login and passeord giving to me by my school. It shows up in the pdf viewer but i cannot select the text box to type in. I just downloaded this program and love the interaction of the pages but without the unlock feature it is useless to me. =[

  68. Emeka Enemor says:

    link me with a suitable Adobe pdf reader for my Samsung Galaxy Android phone-GT 5832.

    • dgriffin says:

      As long as you have Android 2.2 or newer, you can get Adobe Reader from Google Play.

  69. Bruno Mendoza says:

    Why does it doesnt remember the last page read? That is an extremely important feature.

    • Bruno Mendoza says:

      Sorry, it does. I just uninstaled and instaled it back again and it works now.

    • dgriffin says:

      Adobe Reader for Android and iOS should remember the last page read for recent documents. Have you updated to the latest version? And is the document one that is in your recently read list?

  70. cristian says:

    BOOKMARKS. Why can’t we write them? Do I always have to scroll back to the last read page? I can’t believe it actually lacks the feature.

    • dgriffin says:

      User added bookmarks is a great suggestion, but Reader also remembers your last read page, and should send you back there when you re-open a document. Make sure you are updated to the latest version to get this feature!

      Dennis Griffin

  71. G V says:

    Not quite a full release of Reader X. I, like many others, would also greatly appreciate the addition highlighting, bookmarking, annotation, commenting, and change-tracking.

    • dgriffin says:

      If you haven’t done so already, update to our latest version, which adds these features!

      Dennis Griffin

  72. Samer says:

    A very important couple of feature are required for Adobe Reader for Android:
    1. view to fit text width (for optimum usage of the tablet’s screen size)
    2. enable/disable horizontal scrolling/pan so that with the above feature (fit view to text width) will prevent left/right page moving when vertical scrolling is the only needed

    is that applicable?

  73. Haroon says:

    Could do with a bookmarking function uergently please

  74. cvhp says:

    can someone help me on how to download adobe air on Android tablet pc?

  75. Jörgen Pettersson says:

    I definitely support the lock horizontal scrolling feature. Really bugs me atm

  76. Grigoris says:

    How can we hide/unhide the menu bar? It appears only when I tap and hold down and there it gives me options for annotation etc. but not to open the menu bar.

    Thanks in advance.

  77. Bill says:

    How the heck does one add a bookmark to a document? Using latest version on Nexus 7.

  78. Purnendu says:

    I am creating a application in that a functionality is there to convert a text file and a DOC file into pdf, can you send me code for this….

  79. Ivica says:

    One question. What about Advanced Search option for android mobiles and tablets ? I really miss it, to get all results on the left side and then just clicking to find this in text. Is there planned to support this too or ?


    • Gaurav Jain says:

      Hi Ivica,

      Advanced Search is certainly something we’d like to consider, though we do not have any timeline to share of when that might happen.

      Thanks for your feedback.


  80. lucretia says:

    I want adobe reader to read to me on my android tablet

  81. Cecil Edwards says:

    Can I turn on talk loud, if so how-to.

    • dgriffin says:

      We don’t have that functionality yet, but we are actively looking into accessibility and read-out-loud capabilities. I cannot say yet, however, when it will be available.

  82. Alicia says:

    Eagerly looking forward to the read-out-loud functionality. I hope it comes very soon as I use it alot on my laptop.

  83. JOhn says:

    I have spent hours and hours and hours its 2 am in the morning and I purchase this tablet 14 hours ago ………………Problem……….. my adobe reader x is not playing any of my pencast documents from livescibe … somebody please help me .. i need this tablet for school and notes . .. I cant hear any audio when it comes to this. , and i should

    • dgriffin says:

      Adobe Reader for Android does not support the multimedia that LiveScribe adds, so unfortunately you won’t be able to listen to the notes from within Adobe Reader for Android. This should work just fine on the desktop Reader, though.

  84. irons says:

    I’m going entirely paperless at home. I scan (scanner iX500) straight to my phone (ie- bills, a newsletter, kids health and report cards, etc), then need to delete any blank pages that were scanned. After which, I deal with any issues stemming from the contents (like reviewing and a bill, or calendering something). Finally, I transfer the PDF to my NAS (final storage place) when done. All of which is done on my phone; therefore, I’m completely mobile so I can do it anywhere and anytime I have spare time, like watching my kids play at the park or commuting. Yes, I’ve given this process too much thought, but the results so far is fast, very mobile, and I always have access to everything, anywhere without putting things on a cloud or into systems/computer programs that will not be around in the future (like Neat Receipts maybe). Plus, I can easily delete documents, by date, when I don’t need them in 5 our 10 years (No more headaches, or hours, filing, keeping or shredding documents). More time to play. I’m geekie that way. I just have one last missing peice to my process- delete a PDF page in an Android app.

    Why can’t any Android app delete a page within a PDF? Seems simple, but since no company has done it, there must be some technical hurdle. If anyone knows why, I’m interested to hear the answer. Thx!

    • rahulban says:

      Inspiring to learn how you manage your documents. Thanks a lot for sharing that. Delete pages feature you are asking for is definitely on our radar. As a policy, I can not comment on release date of a feature but we will let you know as soon as it is available.

  85. Leslie says:

    I use this reader in my nexus tablet. But the !enu never appears on itself, I wish I could have the menu always on top, the only way I can see it is if I hold my finger on the screen and try to select something, otherwise is very toug, is there anyway to have the menu always on top?

    • rahulban says:

      You need to tap on screen to bring top bar. At this point, there is no way to keep menu always on top.

  86. Allan good says:

    I use adobe reader to print 4 page PDF documents in booklet form.
    I cannot see how to do this from an ipad or android tablet
    The pdf file are Greeting cards that you fold to form a card

    • dgriffin says:

      Our mobile Reader apps don’t have the advanced printing options that our desktop Reader does. Thanks for letting us know you are looking for it, though!

  87. Androidbe says:

    Our mobile Reader apps don’t have the advanced printing options that our desktop Reader does. Thanks for letting us know you are looking for it, though!

  88. Jas Kaur says:

    hi, i try to download it from google play store, but after download it show error while installation…if you have downloaded file for andorid ( apk ),please share the link to download direct…

  89. Vijesh says:

    Adobe Reader X is a nice app I have been using without my knowledge in my tab, I never knew that it already came pre installed, after I read this article and thought to download it said it is already installed. Nice app for reading PDF documents.