Adobe Reader (10.1) now available for Windows Phone 7.5

We are happy to announce that a new version of Adobe Reader (10.1) for Windows Phone 7.5 is now available. We are excited to see this update, and hope that you are as well! Here is a summary of what is new in this version.

Updated File browser

We have added a Panoramic File browser. You can easily list your recently viewed PDF files as well as see a complete list of all PDF files available in Adobe Reader.


 Search, Select and Copy Text

You can now search for words and phrases in a document. In addition, you can select text and copy it to paste into other applications.


 Navigate using Scrubber and Bookmarks

We have added ability to navigate using Bookmarks in a PDF document. If there are bookmarks available, you will see an icon on lower right hand corner of the document. Clicking that icon will display the bookmarks in this document. Tapping on a bookmark will bring you to the right location in the document.

You can also navigate to any page quickly using the Page Scrubber at the bottom of the display. Just tap and drag the Scrubber, and you’ll be shown thumbnails of the pages, so you can identify and go directly to the page you are looking for.


Open password protected files and Portfolios

We have addressed one of the most common requests by adding the ability to open password protected documents.We have also added support for PDF portfolios by showing you a listing of all of the contents in the portfolio, and letting you tap to open and view any of the enclosed documents.



In addition, we have made significant performance improvements throughout the application, so your reading experience should be much improved.

Try it now!
Install or update to Adobe Reader 10.1 for Windows Phone and send us your feedback via Adobe forum listed below.

 [Update – 1]

A new version of Adobe Reader 10.1.1 for Windows Phone 7.5 is released today. This release provides some critical bug fixes. Please update to this version and continue to send us feedback.

[Update – 2]

We have fixed the issue due to which Adobe Reader on some Windows phone devices was downgraded to Adobe Reader 9.0. Please upgrade to the latest version and you should get Adobe Reader 10.1.1 for Windows Phone 7.5. Thanks for your patience while we were working on this fix and please continue to send your feedback.


Rahul Bansal
Product Manager
Adobe Reader for Smartphones and Tablets


160 Responses to Adobe Reader (10.1) now available for Windows Phone 7.5

  1. Joe Grindrod says:


    • vasile says:

      Please send, if is possible, reader program type ACROBAT READER for Lumia 610.
      Thanks and regards.

      • dgriffin says:

        The Lumia 610 supports Windows Phone 7.5, so Adobe Reader should be available. Are you saying that it is not?

  2. Rahul Aggarwal says:

    You must add support for emailing/sharing files. It is highly required feature.

    • rahulban says:

      Windows Phone 7.5 does not allow applications to email files via Email client available on device. Even though this capability is available in Microsoft applications (Word etc.), other applications like Adobe Reader are not allowed to send files via Email Client. We had to drop this feature from this update due to this limitation.

      • Simon says:

        A function to upload documents to SkyDrive would help in this situation, this is allowed to every WP-App…

        • rahulban says:

          That’s correct. We ran out of time in this release to implement this feature.

          • Andrea says:

            can you fix it in a minor release in the next weeks? it’s the more importanta feature if pone uses the phone during work… it’s vital to share pdf, at least with skydrive

          • rahulban says:

            Thanks for your input Andrea. I have added this request to our product backlog. As a policy, we can not comment on when and whether any feature will be available.

          • Himanshu says:

            22 months is a lot of time… i think… the first version was released on 20-10-2010… and today 7-9-2012… i think that’s a long time…

          • Adan says:

            Himanshu, be kind to those guys. You may not understand what happens in their day to day work which may slow down or speed up the process. What if you were blessed by this new app sooner than they expected because someone higher up allowed them to get to this task and hold off on something else. I don’t know for sure, but I really do like the new release. I say it is worth the wait.
            Thank you for the app and answering our questions. I appreciate you very much!

      • micheleiacopo says:

        What about Handyscan? this app can send pdf via mail!

        • rahulban says:

          As per my understanding, Handyscan application is not using the email client on device to send these files. This is not supported by Windows Phone 7.5 API set. Handyscan might be sending the content of email to an server and then forwarding this email from that server. This is just an hypothesis which can only be confirmed by Handyscan team.

          • micheleiacopo says:

            I do not know, but it seems plausible…
            come on ADOBE! you are…hem…ADOBE!
            Use every type of escamotage you prefer, but do it, please.
            I use your prodacts every day for my work, but after two years i still have not a good experience using the (apparently) simpliest one (the reader) on my WP…

          • micheleiacopo says:

            you could also ask for help from microsoft…i think they would be happy to help you…
            however, thanks for this first (big) step!

      • djca says:

        Nokia’s Contact Share app supports sending attachments (vCards) using the email client straight from the app. Of course Nokia probably had some special permission/support from Microsoft to do this — but it’s something I would think Microsoft can help Adobe with as well.

  3. Gaurav verma says:

    Still not available in India and many other countries. And when is ability to email pdf is coming ?

    • rahulban says:

      We made this update of Adobe Reader live on Windows Phone market place before posting this blog. There is some issue in Windows Phone Marketplace which is preventing this application to be live. We are actively following up with Microsoft on this.

      • suhas says:

        I was able to update it to 10.1.1 a few days back. There was another update today and when I installed it, the whole app was reverted. Now I have the old version 9. All of the features mentioned above are no longer there. I tried uninstall and re installation with no change. Why did this happened? will the new version be available again? Why wasn’t it mentioned when it said there was an update that we would lose v10?

        • rahulban says:

          Thanks for reporting this issue Suhas. We received couple of similar reports over the weekend. From the first look of it, it looks like a Windows Phone marketplace issue. We will get in touch with Microsoft and try to resolve this asap. Meanwhile, can you try uninstalling Adobe Reader and then installing it again from Windows Phone Marketplace. I just tried that on my device and I am still getting 10.1.1 version from marketplace.

          • suhas says:

            I tried that couple times. Its downloading the old version every time.

          • martin santhany says:

            I have the same issue, I had Adobe 10 and it reverted to version 9 after the update.

            I uninstalled the version 9 and tried re-installing it many times, but still only get version 9.

            I’m in the United States and I have all the latest updates for Windows Phone 7.5 from Microsoft Market Place and HTC, latest Zune updates, I have a Verizon HTC Trophy.

          • rahulban says:

            Hi Martin,
            We have just released a fix for this issue. Can you please try to upgrade now? You should get version 10.1.1 now.

  4. Jonathan G says:

    When are you going to update to include sending PDF’s! Also you should include the ability to scan documents into PDF’s

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  6. Gaurav verma says:

    thanks for your feedback

  7. Kin says:

    Oh God, finally a version that’s usable. I will stop my comments about windows phone lacking any PDF readers and stop cursing Adobe. What took you guys so long?

  8. Kanishk says:

    This is great! Much needed update is now there for windows phone.

  9. Jan says:

    does not work after update adobe reader
    DoGetIndexofLastPDFFileNode: Root element is missing.

  10. Gerg says:

    Thank you Adobe! I was waiting for this since Windows Phone 7!

    Just one last question:
    Is it possible to rename the existing pdfs on the phone now?

    Thanks a lot!

  11. Siddhant says:

    Why isn’t this update showing up on my marketplace?

  12. David L says:

    Thank you very much! This has made my week!!!

  13. Aaron says:

    Will sending PDFs be possible for Windows Phone 8?

    • dgriffin says:

      Our understanding is that the Windows Phone 8 API will permit third party apps to share content to other applications. The current Windows Phone 7 APIs unfortunately do not.
      Dennis Griffin

  14. kamstrup says:

    This is very welcomed! Thank you! I request the abillity to save to Skydrive or open files from Zune.The biggest issue with the old version was the inabillity to get the read pdf anywhere else. If it can be saved to Skydrive, then it can be e-mailed as a link at least! Or imported on pc via Zune.

  15. This update isn’t showing up in my Marketplace. When can I expect it to arrive?

    • dgriffin says:

      We have published Reader globally, so it should be available everywhere now. Please try again. And if it still does not work, let us know what country you are in.

  16. Buo San says:

    This is awesome news. I thought Adobe had given up on WP 7x.
    When is it gonna be live in the UK marketplace?

    • dgriffin says:

      We have published Reader globally, so it should be available everywhere now. If it still does not work, let us know.

  17. Ashfaq says:

    THANKS Adobe,luv to see it soon in marketplace ,i checked 2-3 times earlier this noon but couldnt get this

    • dgriffin says:

      We have published Reader globally, so it should be available everywhere now. Please try again. If it still does not work, let us know what country you are in.

  18. Simon says:

    I’m sorry but even this release is still quite bad, usability-wise. Two things are most annoying:
    1. Cannot move the viewport during pinch-to-zoom
    2. Sometimes the app is rendering. During this time the user interface is completely unresponsive.

    I hope you can fix those soon?

  19. Fjtorsol says:

    Please add the following in the next version:

    – SkyDrive support, otherwise files stored in the application’s isolated store are in a dead point. It could be implemented as auto-save to a default folder and “save as” within SkyDrive so the application’s isolated storage is synchronized. Also SkyDrive could be browsed within the application to open PDF files. Other services (I.E. Dropbox) welcome.

    – Multilingual support, considering the number of strings the application has and their respective context you can even use an automated translation system.

  20. sandeep says:

    BTW, Microsoft replaced spaces in the file name with ‘+’ sign. Maybe, your application does not support ‘plus’ sign in the file name. Similar file name of type JPG opened just file in the built-in picture app.

    Also, BTW, someone commented earlier on saving files to SkyDrive and you said that you ran out of time. But from my understanding, Microsoft has forbidden applications from saving data to SkyDrive although it is technically possible. I think that they want third party applications to use paid Azure instead.

    • rahulban says:

      Thanks for providing all the details Sandeep. We are investigating this issue and also working with MS in nailing down root cause of this issue.

  21. kurotsuki says:

    Nice! Finally we had this password protected feature. Agreed to most suggestion here. An ability for sharing files are important. If you can’t do it using OS’ email client, then at least give us an ability to upload it to skydrive so we can share it’s skydrive link (or better yet, skydrive integration like browsing skydrive directly like the way Office hub did can be a plus).

  22. Mike says:

    I think if the reader can remember the page we viewed at last time we open the Adobe Reader app or the book in it, it will be perfect.
    Now as I tested last night, it only can remember the last one book we viewed, and only can keep it before we exit the Adobe Reader.

  23. Zak says:

    Does not function at all after the udate! First time after update, it showed:
    Exceptions in GetPDFFiles Data : Root element is missing.
    It is the same after few reinstalls.

    Please, fix this asap. We really need to work with .pdf files.

  24. Zak says:

    Since update, Reader doesn’t function at all, giving error message, about which I wrote above. I did some research and found out that problem is probably caused by something with Marketplace localisation (Slovak), since Czech users don’t report any problem. If you check Slovak Marketplace Reader reviews, you find out that after the update, everybody gives one star and writes that new Reader doesn’t function.
    Please, try to fix this.

    • rahulban says:

      Thanks for reporting this issue and providing us all the details. While we are working on providing a fix for this issue, you can use the following workaround
      1. Uninstall the application Adobe Reader if you have already installed Adobe Reader.
      2. Go to settings and change the long date format to “02.januara 2012″ and the short date format to “02-01-2012″ or “02-01-12″, i.e., the date format of type “mm-dd-yy” or “mm-dd-yyyy” instead of default “2.januara 12″ and “2.1.12” or “2/1/12″.
      3. Install Adobe Reader from marketplace and try opening the PDF. Adobe Reader should work well after changing the date format.

      Users in other locale, if you are facing a similar issue, please follow these steps for and change the date format as listed above.

      We are already working on fixing this issue and hopefully the fix will be availble soon.

      • Zak says:

        Thank you very much, it did help and now Reader is working perfectly!
        I just want to ask; does changing date format affect any other apps (updates of other apps in the Marketplace, for example) or was it just a bug which affected Reader? I personally don’t care about date format, if everything works fine.

  25. Jan says:

    When you set the region format slovak (setting , region + laguage , region format) adobe reader error at first Excepption in DoAddPDF:´.´, hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid charakter next DoGetIndexofLastPDFFileNode error: Root element is missing. adobe reader does not work
    When you set the region format english adobe reader OK

  26. Honza says:

    Thanks for the update. However, I miss a feature of remembering document location if the app is closed. It is remembered if I close the document but remain in the chooser page, but not when I exit the application. I think it is an important feature because one often needs to use the phone to do something else, and now when he comes back, he must seek manually to where he’d been to continue reading.

  27. Gerg says:

    I have a Bug-Report here:

    Just found out something really annoying:

    if you open a .pdf file, which is not(!) located in your Adobe Reader app, this bug appears. Example: you have a link from a .pdf-file. Something like “”. If you try to open it your IE will download the file. After the download it will open. This is of course totally normal. After opening this file you will have two new entries in your Adobe Reader: one in the “documents”- and another in the “recently viewed”-list.

    But if you try to open the same file once again (from the link), your IE will realize that you already downloaded that file and wont to it again. It will just open it directly with Adobe Reader. But after that you will once again get the two new entries in both lists from Adobe Reader. So after opening the same file for 5 times, you will have 5 “File.pdf” entries in “documents” and another 5 in “recently viewed”.

    This problem appears every time you try to open a .pdf-file from other apps than Adobe Reader (Internet Explorer, SkyDrive, Office Hub…). That’s really annoying! I don’t want to go to my Adobe Reader every time and delete all the entries manually!

    Please fix this asap.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  28. Fiorenzo says:

    Please add the ability to share/send files to SkyDrive or email

  29. Vlado says:

    DoGetIndexofLastPDFFileNode: Root element is missing
    it will be fixed? i have this problem, always
    thank you

  30. bonze82 says:

    Adobe will not open any pdf’s since update. Even old pdf’s saved in skydrive and online websites it attempts to open pdf and goes right back to previouse app that tried to open file.

  31. Kin says:

    Please add last page bookmark feature. It takes a while to get back to the last page I read in a 1000+ page book. i.e. still can’t use it like a book reader, yet.

  32. ccane says:

    When I updated my Adobe Reader today, the program reverted back to version 9.0. I previously had 10.1 on my Samsung Focus S with mango. Also, the Windows Marketplace shows the 9.0. only. What happened? The 10.1 was working great. How may I get 10.1 back?

  33. Kevin Snyder says:

    I had version 10.1 installed on my phone and I just got a notification that there was an update for Adobe Reader. I ran the update and I have been reverted back to version 9. Any ideas about going back to the previous version? Thank you.

    • rahulban says:

      Hi Kevin,
      We have just released a fix for this issue. Can you please try to upgrade now?

  34. MLSITGuy says:

    MS Marketplace Adobe Reader Update is Actually Downgrade
    If you own a Windows Phone and are prompted to update your Adobe Reader App, don’t do it. There is currently a glitch somewhere in the process that will actually downgrade your version to an earlier one. In short, if you do this third “update”, you will lose the fairly outstanding 10.1 and all of its features.

    • rahulban says:

      Thanks for reporting this issue .We are looking into this actively and will get back to you asap.

      • Tero says:

        Please do fix this. This downgrade is very annoying.

        • rahulban says:

          Hi Tero,
          We have just released a fix for this issue. Can you please try to upgrade now? You should get version 10.1.1 now.

          • Tero says:

            I see that the upgrade seems to work in the US store.
            Unfortunately I live in Finland. And the Finnish store still links to the 9.0 version.

      • MLSITGuy says:

        Please provide status Including how you escalated this problem; who is responsible and target date for resolution.

  35. Fuad Ayyash says:

    Sure. I got an update alert couple of days ago. I jumped on it thinking more good features are coming. To my surprise, it was a downgrade to the old reader that are not user friendly at all.
    I unstalled it, and lost all of my PDF files, which is realy stuped thing to happen. Installed it again, still same old version. Unstalled it again, still. So should I resert my phone to the manufacture default setting and start all over? Thanks Microsoft and Adobe. Great job in testing and QA.

    • rahulban says:

      Hi Fuad,
      We have just released a fix for this issue. Can you please try to upgrade now? You should get version 10.1.1 now. This issue was happening in certain geographies and that’s the reason we were not able to catch this in our QA. Apologies for the trouble and please continue to send your feedback.

  36. Steve GW says:

    I have too experince this downgrade … I was very expressed with the new upgrade now its back to almost un useable … sadly

    • rahulban says:

      Hi Steve,
      We have just released a fix for this issue. Can you please try to upgrade now? You should get version 10.1.1 now.

  37. Kin says:

    The latest version reverted back to the original and nightmare version. Something has gone wrong in the marketplace. Please fix!!!

  38. Nagz says:

    Are you guys succesful in identifying the reason on downgrade…. Its frustating to see Reader 9.0 after looking at 10.1 …….

    • rahulban says:

      Hi Venkat,
      We have just released a fix for this issue. Can you please try to upgrade now? You should get version 10.1.1 now. Please let us know if you are still having issues in getting version 10.1.1

  39. Steve GW says:

    I hope Adobe is reading this post currently PDF usage on my phone has been destroyed … The second update reverted and became un useable … I remove and tried again still the same … I now have convert pdf’s to word … I understand it free but its very bad right now just impossible to use

    • dgriffin says:

      This is an issue with the Windows Market, and we are looking into the problem with Microsoft. We hope to have a solution available very soon. We are both frustrated by this.

  40. CC says:

    I actually want to use this on my win7.5 phone – but this is the reason Microsoft will never get phone traction – users like me want to use the system, then cannot get a version of Adobe Reader comparable to the one available on Android.

    I updated an Android phone today, no issues, and the Adobe Reader app allows for capture of signatures and placement on the form.

    Wake up Microsoft – when users who want to use your system cannot in a manner readily available on other platforms – you are in for a big financial loss. I like the pretty Metro interface, but under the covers the system does not deliver.

  41. jonahu says:

    Any update on the 10.1 downgrade to 9.0 issue? Its been a real pain.

    • dgriffin says:

      We have been talking to Microsoft daily to try to understand why their store has begun downgrading users. This is not something that either MS nor Adobe could understand, but we are coming up with an attempt at a solution that we will try in the next day. Hopefully it will work.

  42. Aleksandar says:

    Adobeee in the last update I got downgraded. What’s going on? Hopefully bring the v10 back

    • rahulban says:

      Hi Aleksander,
      We have just released a fix for this issue. Can you please try to upgrade now? You should get version 10.1.1 now.

  43. lawrence says:


    i am a window phone 7 user (samsung focus i917), and about a few weeks ago i updated to adobe 10.1 i believe, but soon after (about a week later) there was another update. however, that update reverted back to version 9.0.0. is thee away for me to re-down load the newer version or because of the type of phone i have, i am not able to.

    • rahulban says:

      Hi Lawrence,
      We have just fixed this issue. Can you please try to upgrade now? You should get version 10.1.1 now.

  44. sunny says:

    Can i program a PDF reader using ADOBE SDK and VISUAL STUDIO EXPRESS. do i need any other sdk to program my own pdf reader.

  45. Roman says:

    Since the september update to Adobe Reader X, Version 10.1.1 Build 20120919
    my HTC HD7 phone can’t open Outlook email attachments any more.
    -> “The file path is not valid”
    Other PDF (from SkyDrive) open without problems. Reinstallation didn’t help. Please have a look on that issue.
    Regards Roman

    ps: same post than
    which is the right forum?

    • Bobyjack says:

      -> “The file path is not valid”

      I had this problem, and i know the solution!

      It hates the not regular characters in the name of the pdf file (like: ó, ö, ő, ü, ű, ú, á ,é ,í). Change them to regular english letters, and it will work!

      • MM says:

        What can i do, if a got lots of .pdf files via e-mail attachment with special characters (like: ó, ö, ő, ü, ű, ú, á ,é ,í)
        I need to open them ASAP, but can’t rename…

      • mmolnar says:

        I had the same problem until now with special language characters.
        10.1.2 is now available, and it works fine with them, problem solved!!!
        Thanks for the fast repair!

  46. megaforce1020 says:

    Dear Adobe, please add the ability to upload PDF files to SkyDrive. This will be a very important feature for the windows phone and will dramatically increase WP usability. I know many people deal with PDFs on a daily basis and to be able to save important ones to SkyDrive to be able to view later on another device is definitely something many people want!

  47. Scott says:

    After too long a wait, some good improvements over Reader 9 for WindowsPhone. But upgrade was frustrating–up to 10, back down to 9, then up again. Second upgrade to 10 wiped out most recent downloads, showed a number of deleted files in Documents view (but they were unopenable–invalid file path–and undeleteable–file in use), and required an uninstall/reinstall to get rid of these zombie files–plus all the files I’d downloaded to my phone (but couldn’t move elsewhere due to the limitations many have complained of above). File delete has a small but noticeable delay in bringing up the Delete option after a tap-and-hold and in actually deleting the file when option is tapped (seems slower at this than version 9). WP version is still behind iOS and Android flavors in not supporting highlighting, annotating, and use of forms. Why weren’t these added?

    • dgriffin says:

      The odd ‘downgrade’ to 9 was an unexpected issue with the Windows Phone market. The upgrade back to 10 was because we resolved that issue with help from Microsoft.

      We didn’t add all of the features available on iOS and Android because there just wasn’t time. We decided to release the upgrade we had rather than continue to delay until those features were finished implementing on Windows Phone.

  48. Vaub says:

    The Adobe Reader downgraded in Canada’s marketplace. And now, it’s just not there anymore :(

    Any idea of what happened?

    • dgriffin says:

      The inadvertent downgrade was due to an issue with the Windows Phone market. For some reason it started to give the old version to users instead of the upgrade we posted. To get users able to see the upgrade, we had to remove the old WP7.0 version (9) from the market. Now you should see 10.1.1 available. What version of Windows Phone do you have? As long as you were able to install 10.1 before, you should see 10.1.1 in the Store.

      • Vaub says:

        I have no Adobe Reader available in the Canadian marketplace for the Samsung Focus. My friend have a lumia and still have the app. Did Adobe removed compatibility for 1st Gen device even if the version 10 was working 1 month ago?

  49. Anthony says:

    I can’t find it in the Marketplace or on the Windows Phone web site. I think it has been removed.

    • dgriffin says:

      We had to remove the version that works on Windows Phone 7.0 to make Windows Phone Marketplace correctly download the latest update on Windows Phone 7.1 and 7.5. You should be able to update your phone to Windows Phone 7.5 and get the latest Reader.

  50. clausl says:

    I unfortunately lost my phone the other day, so I had to buy a new one. Nokia Lumia 800. Adobe Reader was working perfect on the phone I lost, but the new I cannot install Adobe Reader anymore, it is missing in the MarketPlace. My region is Denmark and my new Nokia Lumia 800 is updated with all available updates. Please fix so I’m not blocked from opening PDF files on my phone.

    • rahulban says:

      Thanks for reporting this Claus. As per our discussion 10/25 you are now able to Adobe Reader in your marketplace.

  51. Philip says:

    Adobe Reader still doesn’t show up in the Marketplace, nor on the Windows Phone website.
    Fully updated Windows Phone 7.5
    Region Belgium, Language Dutch

    • rahulban says:

      Hi Philip,
      We had a discussion with Microsoft about this issue. Win Ph marketplace has been moved to a new system recently. Some users are still connecting to the old marketplace. This problem will be fixed once you are on the new Marketplace system. As per Microsoft, this movement should happen automatically. Please let us know if you are not able to find Adobe Reader even after few days.

      • Philip says:

        Unfortunally, no change until now. Adobe Reader still doesn’t show up in the Marketplace nor on the Windows Phone website, once I signed in.
        How can I check wether I connect to the old or the new marketplace?

  52. António says:


    Since the update, I find recurrently “This file path is not valid.” when trying to download any pdf file attached to an incoming e-mail. Unfortunately it shows that message and does not open any file. It is becoming rather frequent.

    Is there any solution?

    Thank you in advance.


    • rahulban says:

      Hi Antonio,
      This problem is occurring because of some special characters in file name of this pdf. We are working with MS to figure out a fix for this issue. Unfortunately, till now we are not able to figure out a generic fix which can work for all special characters. Meanwhile only quick way to open this file is to rename this file and remove any special char in file name and then try to open this in Adobe Reader.

      • António says:

        Helle Rahul,

        That is unfortunate but I thank you for taking a look after this issue. Let us hope some fix will come out sooner than later.

        Thank you again.



  53. Arjan says:

    Recently got my Nokia lumia 800 back from repair. I’m trying to get the adobe reader back om my phone. But the app doesn’t show up in the marketplace. Trying to open the pdf file from a mail message. Phone asks for getting the app. In the detail screen of the Adobe Reader screen it states that the app is not available for the phone. Possible resons: Software version not up to date, exclusive app or not available within my region.
    Phone fully updated windows 7.5 (7.10.8773.98) Region The Netherlands, Language Dutch.
    I’ve tried to get the app by opening the marketplace from the browser. No luck

    • rahulban says:

      Hi Arjan,
      Some of our users are not able to find Adobe Reader on Marketplace. We are working on a fix for this issue. We have published Adobe Reader for all marketplaces and regions.

  54. melvinh says:

    I’m using a fully updated WP 7.5 on a Nokia Lumia 710 in Germany.
    I too cannot find the Adobe Reader App in the Marketplace.
    Also it doesn’t show in any searches on windowsphone .com while using my desktop.

    • rahulban says:

      Hi Melvinh,
      Some of our users are not able to find Adobe Reader on Marketplace. We are working on a fix for this issue. We have published Adobe Reader for all marketplaces and regions.

  55. Philip says:

    Thank you all for your efforts.
    I got a notification to renew the Marketplace.
    Afterwards, Adobe Reader was back!

  56. Morten says:

    When will this be fix:

    It has been a problem for several month now.

    • dgriffin says:

      We have been discussing this with Microsoft, to try and figure out if this is a bug in the Windows Phone SDK we are using to build the app. Unfortunately this means that we do not yet have a projected date for a resolution.

  57. ginsengNG says:

    When can we expect highlighting and annotating to be available for WP8?

    • dgriffin says:

      I don’t have a date for when that will be available, but you can be certain that it is on our roadmap.

  58. ginsengNG says:

    I absolutely need reader to be able to see and edit highlights and annotations I have done from other platforms and other PDF readers not just Adobe. I absolutely need highlighting and annotating from Adobe’s PDF reader if I’m going to switch to Windows Phone from Android. On Android I am happy that I am able to read highlight and annotate sufficiently with Adobe Reader, but am excited about the Lumia 920 and what WP8 might bring to the arena.

    • rahulban says:

      Thanks for raising these feature requests and using Adobe Reader. As a policy, we can not comment on when (and if) a feature will be available in a product. As we make progress on our product, we will continue to apprise our users asap.

  59. bobby says:

    Please release for windows phone 8

  60. Andy Briggs says:

    I am using version 10.1.1, but cannot open most pdf files. Either from websites, or from e-mail attachments (outlook/hotmail).
    When the file is opened, the screen goes black as if Reader is about to open, then it goes back to the website/E-mail the file/link was in.
    This has been like this for over a month – it used to work ok.
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Reader quite a few time, but no change!
    Can you tell me how to sort this please?

    • rahulban says:

      Hi Andy,
      Can you please try latest version of Adobe Reader 10.1.2? In addition, can you please send me ( details of your device as well as some sample links for which you are facing this issue.

  61. Mickm says:

    I’m using a fully updated WP 7.5 on a Nokia Lumia 710 in Italy
    I too cannot find the Adobe Reader App in the Marketplace.
    Help me!

    • rahulban says:

      We are working on fixing this marketplace discovery issue some of our users are facing. I am quite hopeful that we will have a solution for this issue soon.

  62. RichM says:

    I have a pdf which I need to share but cannot due to the limitations of the system and because I do not have the original email containing the pdf anymore.

    Adobe say you can highlight text with this version (10.1.1 Build 20120919), does anyone know how to do this?

    I have been trying and it’s driving me mad, I have to share this information!!!

    Please help!

  63. Henry X says:

    Can you guys make this available for Windows Phone 8 as well?

    • dgriffin says:

      We are working on a Windows Phone 8 compatible version, but we don’t know when it will be complete…the Phone SDK we used for WP 7.5 is not supported on WP 8, so we need to rewrite our app.

  64. Henry X says:

    I want Adobe Reader XI for WP8 (Adobe Reader 11)

  65. ankit says:

    Please add a support to share pdf files in Adobe reader for windows phone 7.5 please…..

  66. Sithick says:

    Hi Rahul,

    Please add an option to add Bookmarks, which is a vital feature for large documents

  67. Giorgio says:

    Please, add the possibility to upload PDF to skydrive in windows phone 7.5. It’s really important!!

  68. Leonardo says:

    Hi, i’m brazilian and not good writing in english.
    But would be very nice if we create pastes to manager better our pdfs. And like a guy said, rename it. This is what wp7.5 fault with custumers.
    Even email pdfs… So it would be great too. But like you said.. Its a problem with microsoft and their protecionism… Or like that.

  69. Thiru says:

    This is nice. I am using this software in my phone. But there is one feature is missing which I like – save the current point while reading and open it next time from the place where the user left closing. This feature works file when I am inside of the Adope reader application. But when I come out and again access the application, it shows the first page only. So scolling down to the page where left is a additional job.

  70. Thiago says:

    I’ve used the app but I’m missing some features like a highlighter and do notes in the document. When will you improve the Windows Phone app like it is on iPhone and Android?

    • dgriffin says:

      We don’t have any plans to further update the Windows Phone 7.5 app with new features, but those should appear in a future version for Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately, that will not help you because the systems are not entirely compatible.

  71. mmolnar says:

    Works fine with the new 10.1.2!
    (Hungarian special characters)
    Thank you!

  72. murithi says:

    Kindly make the app available in marketplaces added by Microsft Recently.

    Can’t download the app.
    OS: Windows Phone 7.8
    Marketplace: English, Kenya

    • rahulban says:

      Thanks for letting us know Murithi. I am looking into this and will update you soon.

  73. Swarup Furia says:

    Any date planned to launch Adobe Reader for WP8?

    • rahulban says:

      As a policy, we can not provide a product release date in advance. But we are actively working on Adobe Reader for Windows Phone 8 and will provide more details closer to the release date.

  74. Frede says:

    Error detected
    1 – If we receibe a pdf with special characters we are not able to open it! Example: I can´t open a pdf in my windows phone 7.5 with this name: “câmara.pdf”
    2 – In documents we are not able to clear the list!

    Version 10.1.2

    • rahulban says:

      Hi Fred,
      For 2, you can long press on any pdf document in document list and you will get an option to delete specific file. Please note that once you delete a file, the file will no longer be available in Reader application.

  75. Freemann says:

    I bought WP 7.5 device 3 days ago, i have installed adobe reader 10.1.2 from the windows market, how do i get my pdf files unto the phone and open them with the reader?
    it looks as if i’m lost in the windows phone, as a traveler from the android world, help, help, help.

  76. Akimoto says:

    Love the fact that Adobe is now on Win Phone. However would like to see the ability to upload pdf files directly into the phone instead of having to go through email or broswer.

  77. Arsany Samy says:

    The app is not available in Egypt, this is a huge deal please fix it :) Thank you

  78. Akshay says:

    HI im using an custom rom with WP7 root tools and a WM Device center. With the help of the device center, I have put an pdf file on the root folder of my phone. When I try to open it, it tells invalid file path. there are no spl characters in the file name except spaces. Kindly suggest me the correct path where the pdf files have to be place to open it

  79. Emanuele says:

    waiting for WP8 release

  80. dito says:

    Is it possible to give signature on my WP 7.8? why can i give a signature like on iOS and android?

    • rahulban says:

      Thanks for your feature request. We are no longer actively adding features to Adobe Reader for win Ph 7.x devices. Instead, we are focusing our energy on Adobe Reader for Win Ph 8.