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New De-Fringe tool in Lightroom 4.1

The latest update of Lightroom, version 4.1 includes an additional de-fringe tool and it really makes light work of green/purple lens fringe artefacts. Here is a working tutorial on using this feature, as well as some other elements to consider.

I managed to stumble on an image which demonstrates this feature perfectly, and demonstrates the amount of control that you have with the de-fringe tool.

Looking at this image from a regular viewing size doesn’t show any issues

However on closer inspection around the trees in the background, there is considerable purple fringing. This is caused by the high contrast between the green of the trees and the back lit nature of this scene.

Image at a closer inspection show's purple fringing.

Colour fringe at a closer inspection

I am easily able to remove the purple fringing by selecting the de-fringe eye dropper tool, and tell Lightroom exactly what to correct by hovering over the affected areas.

Notice that the “show loupe” is turned on and the scale has been modified to give a wider view of the actual pixel view area. The eye dropper tool automatically selects the purple colour once it finds the fringing. Clicking on the affected area allows Lightroom to automatically adjust the purple fringe amount slider,  along with the purple hue slider by the desired amount.

the effect can be clearly seen,

however, on closer inspection around the scene, this modification has had an impact on another element in the photograph that was the same colour purple as the fringing. There is a purple house in the lower half of the scene, which now has some of the purple tones missing.

(as compared to the previous setting before the de-fringe tool was applied)

fixing this is quite simple, the amount of de-fringe can be manually adjusted using the purple amount and purple fringe sliders (green is the same). If the purple amount is reducing from 20 to 9, the house regains it’s colours, and the trees regain a tiny amount of additional purple fringe, however, if we adjust the purple hue tolerance slider from 28/56 to 39/49 and decrease the range (depending on the scene), a balance can be achieved and the house regains it’s purple colour and the purple fringe around the trees has been removed.

Who’s behind Photoshop

Have you ever wanted to know about the creative minds behind Photoshop, here is your chance to find out, and see what they have to say about its past, present and future.

Insert 3D object into a 2D scene….Part 2

Hi, Creative Week UK is going great guns and it’s very exciting. As you know we have the Photo and Imaging day on Friday, and want to make it amazing, and really want to get you involved as much as we can!!. As a reminder we are having an audience challenge on Friday as well and we have already created a video showing how to create Type as 3D objects and render it with different effects. To complete the content and get you guys up to speed to enter the challenge, we have created another short video for you. This video explains how to create an object in Photoshop CS6 Extended using Shape & Vector layers, then insert this in to a 2D scene using a mask on the 3D object. As an update the audience challenge has been extended until August 31, so you don’t need to rush, however, it would be great to have some of your creations ready for the Live show on Friday. The video can be found on YouTube on my channel, for more information of where to upload your images, navigate here.

Creative Week update

On Friday this week (13th July), as part of UK Creative Week , Jenni Hearn and David Mallows will be taking part in the live studio challenge. Tune in to see these guys perform some incredible Photoshop CS6 retouching techniques on a set of images. It’s going to be awesome ! There’s also so much crammed into the day, it will be amazing, so don’t forget to listen in and have your say. You can send in questions using the Twitter hash tag #creativeweekuk, let’s get the conversation going on anything related to Photography and Imaging !!!


Higgs Boson

Had to post this that i saw this morning (even though it’s a bit off piste) explaining what Higgs Boson is all about. I think it’s a great use of animation to explain something quite complicated.

Photoshop, Illustrator and Wacom with 2D Creation – 4th of July – Online – 12-1pm and 7-8 pm

In this webinar brought to you from Adobe and Wacom, we will talk about 2D design features within Photoshop and Illustrator CS6 and around  features in conjunction the new Intuos 5 tablet. As part of the session, we will be covering basics of the pen, tablet programming and multi touch of this new tablet as well as Image trace, puppet warp and Brushes in Illustrator CS6, and finishing with the new Photoshop CS6 Brushes, Shape dynamics  and the mixer brush. You can attend by joining this session, all you will need is speakers and a browser with the Adobe Flash Player installed.

The session will run twice during the day on the 4th July, 12-1pm and 7-8pm.



Call to action – Photoshop CS6 3D and 2D challenge

As you may or may not know, Adobe UK is powering the Creative Week (July 9th to July 13th). Friday 13th July will be the Digital Imaging day and there will be a focus on all aspects of Photography, invluding a debate challenging traditional vs modern digital techniques.

Photoshop CS6 Extended has undergone some amazing transformations and has gained even more creative power. One of such is the 3D engine, 3D  has been overhauled to create one amazing powerhouse, offering a new dimension in image creation with this version of Photoshop. You can do so much more than ever with this version! Including  3D text extrusions, Path & shape extrusion and all in real time (3D in Photoshop CS6 Extended it’s all on the Graphics Processor running across the OpenGL architecture), this means you don’t need such a special graphics card to advantage of this amazing enhancement in Photoshop technology.

We would like YOU to take part in Creative Week and show us what you can do with the enchanced 3D engine now in Photoshop CS6 Extended. It’s a free form challenge but the main premise is that we would like you to create a 3D render/extrusion on a 2D image/photograph/design, that’s the only restriction. The prize for the best submission will be for some Adobe software.

There is a heap of assets here designed for 3D in Photoshop CS6 Extended, including stages and sets, Models and Materials and Image based lights. You can also download the Photoshop Dimensions Tablet Magazine, which was created by the Photoshop 3D team !!.

I have also tried to give you a starter for 10 as well, by recording some startup videos :-

Working with 3D text extrusions


You can download Photoshop CS6 Extended trial here as well..


Ideally we would like submissions by the end of the day Monday 9th July in readiness for the live show on Friday 13. Please send me a tweet to @richardcurtis if you would like to take part.


Good luck..






Creating and working with 32Bit Images in Lightroom 4.1

See how Julieanne Kost uses Lightroom 4.1 in combination with Photoshop CS6 to work with Multiple Camera Exposures as a full 32Bit Image.

Quick Tip – Creating 32-bit (HDR) Images in LR 4.1