#CreativeFriday – Content Aware Fill with a Panoramic

The ability to make a panoramic images from Lightroom has been there for a while, this post will explain how to preserve the whole image using content aware fill and remove the need to crop the image (this technique is image dependent, it works great with Sky, Grass and other non complex pixel areas)). Once the images that need to be stitched together have been selected in Lightroom, right click one of the images and select ‘Edit In/Merge to Panorama in Photoshop’.



The files are automatically transfer into Photoshop and the Panoramic dialog box is displayed.



For now, leave the ‘Layout’ to Auto and the ‘Blend Images Together’ checked on. Then click ok.

Photoshop will automate the layer alignment, cutting out and blending of the images.


Blend the active layers together (Make sure they are all selected (notice the blue colour in the layers pallet)), right click, then choose Merge Visible.



The two layers will be merged together.

For Photoshop to make new pixels  it needs to know more information about the pixels it will be generating from. For this we will follow the next steps to tell Photoshop this information.

1. Choose the Magic Wand tool and select the transparent space (the checker board looking areas)

2. To make sure that all transparent areas are selected, choose, menu item ‘Select/Similar’

3. To provide Content Aware with enough pixels to work it’s magic, choose menu item ‘Select/Modify/Expand’ and choose 2px or so (this tells Photoshop what pixels to base the new one’s on).

4. To make the extra pixels, choose menu item ‘Edit/Fill’ and make sure the ‘Use’ option is set to ‘Content Aware”, then press Enter.

5. Photoshop will work it’s magic and try to create the new pixels. (This example works really well on these images due to the non complex image information around the edges).

The final image is displayed below


There may be new pixels that have been created that are in a similar pattern to the original pixels. This is simple to change using the Clone stamp tool, but more on that next time.


#CreativeFriday action – Why not try this technique on your images and see what results are possible.


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