Photoshop Touch for Phones – Never loose that creative thought!

Adobe is proud to extend its touch based applications today by releasing a phone version of it’s already incredible and successful Photoshop Touch application. Whilst the tablet version (Android and iOS devices) has been designed for a distinct style working, the phone version enables you to work on your creations whilst on the go in a more run-and-gun workflow. Photoshop touch for phones is an amazing application that will enable you to create, enhance and edit Photoshop imagery using the tools you already know, whilst on the go. Now you will never loose the creative thought.

The application boasts the same feature set as the tablet version and equally enables you to create a new Photoshop Touch canvas from various sources (Empty, an asset from your Creative Cloud storage, the phone photo roll or the camera itself). Once a canvas has been created, the application provides a way to turn on and off layers within the image as well as a variety of effects and enhancements (including Sepia toning, Soft Skin, various Blur Filters, Gradient Maps and more).


You can also crop, rotate, add text and lens flare as well as other effects.

We all are striving to making our images pop out of the screen, and typically use Layer adjustments to do this. Photoshop Touch for phones has the usual suspects, Saturation, Brightness/Contrast as well as Curves, Shadow/Highlight and Levels, as well as the ability to use blending modes on each layer.

When you are wanting to edit and make composites from your images, you will need more powerful tooling, Photoshop Touch for Phones includes standard Photoshop tools of working with your images, including Copy/Cut and Paste, Healing Brush and Blur, Painting tools, Selection tools (Scribble and Magic Wand) as well as other functions.


Once you have completed work on your image you are than able to store the image locally to utilise your Creative Cloud storage to transfer to the web or to the Desktop version of Photoshop.


My eSeminar on this coming Thursday will be showing a photographer´s view of Creative Cloud and how to use Photoshop Touch (phones and tablets) as well as new features in Photoshop CS6 for Photographers. We we also look at creating a Digital App for mobile devices using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite – Single Edition that comes with every Creative Cloud Membership.

Photoshop Touch for Phones is designed to work on the iPhone 4S or later, Android phones (with Ice Cream Sandwich) and  iPod Touch (5th Generation)

You are able to purchase the app from your relevant mobile app store. For more information, please navigate over to these links :-

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  1. Glenn says:

    How about a version for Windows Phone?