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If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account you can now fully leverage and use the Behance network to promote, connect and discover creative work. As of this morning you are now able to link your Creative Cloud Adobe ID to your existing Behance /or create a brand new account.

When you log in or create your Behance account (make sure you use your Adobe ID), the platform will ask if you want to connect to your Adobe ID.

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By enabling this feature in the Behance platform, you will then be able to access sharing from within the Creative Cloud.

CC Sharing


Once you publish to the Behance platform you will be asked to complete more metadata data for the image, this will enable other creatives to find your work, so it’s well worth spending the time to ensure you have enough tags associated with your images.

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You can mange the privacy who will see your work

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You are then able to create a thumbnail image for your piece of work.

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Then of course you may want to promote your work across other social platforms that you have enabled within your Behance account.


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As soon as the process is complete, you are able to see your work on the Behance platform under the My Work tab / Work in Progress.

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If you need to refine your work presence, you are able to edit the details under the Work in Progress tab.

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The editing experience is the same as the original share from the Adobe Creative Cloud.

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You may also want to show the progress of your work by adding a new revision to your work.

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Clicking on the + sign at the bottom of this panel allows you to add a new revision for your peers/fellow community members to review.

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The call to action here is two fold :-

  • If you are an Adobe Creative Cloud user then all of this is available to you as part of the platform that you already have subscribed to.
  • You are also eligible to the Pro Site. The Pro Site will allow you to create your front facing portfolio.

If you head over to the Adobe Creative Cloud Apps tab, you will see some the new features

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Here you are presented with the Behance Service and the Pro Site. there are also two touch apps available for the iPhone (Behance for iPhone and Creative Portfolio for iPhone).


Don’t forget you can try this for your self by signing up for the free 30 day Adobe Creative Cloud trial.

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