#CreativeFriday – Configure Photoshop for Autosave

How many times have you been caught out during your editing process and not pressed the Save or Save-As option after hours of work? It seems that every time we forget to save, something tends to go wrong and the computer or the software package encounters an error and the worst happens, typically everything goes into meltdown and you can’t do anything about it! It’s probably going to be highly annoying and potentially devastating.

Did you know that since Photoshop CS6, you can now configure Photoshop to automatically backup your work on a periodic basis and prevent you from loosing your edits (i.e. due to Power failure, software errors etc).

The Auto-Save feature is available under the Photoshop preferences menu (Preferences / File Handling configuration (see below)).

The Save in Background check box will enable Photoshop to save the file without interrupting your creative workflow. The Automatically Save Recovery Information check box (when ticked) will use the time value (10 minutes in this case, but is changeable) and save a back up/temporary version of your image to a special place in the Photoshop installation. The Save as Background needs to be turned on for the Automatic save to be selectable.


When the automatic save is set up, the original file is not affected during the save, you will still need to either use Save or Save As to fully commit the changes to the original file.

How does this work inside Photoshop ?

Photoshop places the temporary/back up version of the file inside it’s installation directory and manages the most current version there. When you commit the final file save (i.e. Save or Save As) Photoshop will overwrite your chosen file and remove the temporary file .

N.B. If between the save points (i.e between the 10 minute periods in the example below) something happens, any changes since the last save point will be lost.


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