Never loose your files again with Adobe Creative Cloud Archive feature

Can you remember the last time you lost a file and possibly deleted it by accident ? Well i just tried to write my CreativeFriday post and i had removed the file that I needed to complete it. I did remember however, that the file was on the Creative Cloud once, but i had deleted it from my desktop. Luckily the Creative Cloud has an archive feature which will store all of your deleted files in a storage area (N.B. the archived files are not part of your storage allocation). I quickly located the file that i needed in my archive, ticked it and restored it back, et viola, the next thing I notice is the Creative Cloud Desktop Sync is already transferring it to my desktop, as well as my second desktop……

As you can see below, the archive feature is available as a small filing cabinet icon (highlighted in Red below) from the main Creative Cloud workspace.


Clicking this icon will move the Creative cloud into the Archive mode and show you all files that have been deleted from your account (either from within the Creative Cloud itself (via the browser), or from your desktop Creative Cloud folder).

These files are stored on the Adobe servers and do not take up any of your account allocation. The files are always available (until you permanently remove them from the archive (covered later)).

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 21.52.37

Restoring a lost file is easy, just locate it by going down the list, and select the file(s) using the check box to the left of the file. Then click the Restore icon that exists under the drop down arrow (see below). If you would like to remove the file from the archive permanently then click on ‘Permanently Delete’ option.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 21.52.51

Any way, i hope the Creative Cloud saves you like me on this occasion.

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