Learn Creative Cloud for Photography with Adobe.

Learn Creative Cloud for Photography
We have launched a new learning show just for photographers.  Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC work hand-in-hand with the Creative Cloud. Start in Lightroom to organize and edit photos. Work in Photoshop for advanced retouching, editing, and compositing. Come back to Lightroom to print and share your photos. View the show here.

The tutorials cover key elements such as the Lightroom and Photoshop photo workflow (here). We’ve also commissioned new photography episodes that use Cloud services, including:

4 Responses to Learn Creative Cloud for Photography with Adobe.

  1. Jon says:

    I have a question about CC for photographers, I spoke with you at ShootLDN and you were going to look into this for me. You need to own CS3 or higher to get this package, and at present as a new user you can only sign up for the full CC. Will this change and will there be a pricing plan for new users who only want photoshop / lightroom? Thank you.

  2. Simon McGibbon says:

    As a new user myself, I would love to be offered some sort of deal as well, I don’t have any need for all the apps. When are we likely to see an offer for new users? I feel that the subscription is a way to avoid piracy due to affordability. I don’t have $900 for photoshop and lightroom right now, but if given the option to sign up at a discounted rate, I would do it right away. Maybe adobe needs to consider something along the lines of a reduced bundle rate, the more apps you get, the greater your discount…$20 per app seems steep in my mind.