#Adobe UK eSeminars – from the 5th November – Ask a Pro – with Tigz Rice!

I just wanted to write up a reminder that Adobe UK will be hosting a range of eSeminar events this November, we will also be including ‘Ask A Pro’ sessions.

We all know what eSeminars are, but what’s the difference with these and the ‘Ask A Pro’ sessions – Ask a Pro sessions are designed to inspire and show you how the Pro’s work in their daily lives. For example, on Tuesday 5th November (the first one), I will have Tigz Rice in the studio with me, and we will be holding a deep dive into her Boudoir photography re-touching workflow. Tigz will be explaining what she thinks about before she even picks up the camera, as well as before and during a re-touching session, and i’ll be asking her those questions that you really wanted to ask! But of course there will be time for Q&A afterwards, so you can ask those questions that i dared not ask ;-). We are hoping for a rock and roll session, so please join in and hopefully you will soon be editing your images just like a Tigz as well.


Why not register for this event here


Of course there are loads of other sessions as well, and they will of course be amazing ! We look forward to seeing you there and joining the party!

You can see an Agenda for all events here, and overview of the speakers here

Each main event will be streamed at this page.




4 Responses to #Adobe UK eSeminars – from the 5th November – Ask a Pro – with Tigz Rice!

  1. Stephen McCourt says:

    I took part in your webinar today 5 November from Canada and enjoyed it very much. However, your pace was quite quick when retouching the image in CC. I would like to watch this webinar again, is it available anywhere online?

    Your understanding in this matter is appreciated.

    Stephen McCourt

  2. laurence trolet says:

    Hi Richard ,
    I met you before at a ” worshop” you did in Notting Hill ”
    I have register to see the webinar photography retouching with Tigs Rice .
    I have not heard back yet and if i go to the page i now see an ad for the next webinar .
    How will i be able to see the one i registered for ? and where ?
    Will i still be able to see it if i miss it today ?

    many thanks