Photoshop CC 14.2 update – Perspective Warp

Photoshop CC (14.2 update) includes the new Perspective Warp feature. The idea of perspective warp is to transform an object within a scene or parts of a scene to a different perspective. The perspective warp is also fantastic when it comes to merging objects from different photographs into a single comp, where traditionally objects have different perspectives to each other.

What are the principle behind Perspective warp. There are existing tools in Photoshop for lens correction as well as vertical and horizontal alignment with the Adaptive wide angle tool. These tools are great, but don’t fix perspective. To fix perspective you need to define and tell Photoshop CC where the perspective is. As soon as Photoshop understands the perspective, it can than start to enable you to move the perspective!

There are two modes to the tool

  • Layout – Define the perspective quads
  • Warp – Move the quads to define the new perspective.

Perspective warp also works on video using the Photoshop Smart Object technology. To Demonstrate this new feature I have compiled two examples for you.

1. Example A.

Let us start with this example. I may want to blend this car (taken from another photograph) into the road scene. The car has been cut out of the other photograph already and placed into a layer. You can see that the car’s perspective is different to the road, therefore it needs to be modified to correctly fit in to the scene (please excuse the colour blending of the two scenes).


In the Photoshop CC Edit menu there is a new command called “Perspective Warp” (N.B. This command also works on Smart Objects).


Once we click this menu item, you will see it’s options appear in the tool bar (marked Red), and instructions will appear on the image. You will need to mark the perspective using quads, the quads need are mapped over the area that needs to be corrected/modified. To do this you are able to draw on the image using the mouse or pen and position the quad(s) to define the perspective (you can specify multiple quads if required). If you specify two or more, you have a choice to join the quads together, this has been designed to keep the whole image in perspective. However, sometimes you may want to isolate an area from change and alter another part, you can do this by drawing independent quads. Whilst drawing the quads you will need to keep the tool in Layout mode, move to the warp mode once the quads have been drawn. However, you can switch between the two modes as ofter as you like, and if you use a Smart Object you can re-edit the quad definition at any point in time.


In the example, the car needs to be kept in perspective, but the front needs lifting on the left hand side, the rear of the car needs to move down to give the illusion that it is on the road. I have used two quads (marked Yellow) that define the cars original perspective to achieve this. 

3 copy

Once the quads have been created the tool can be moved into “warp” mode.

4 copy

The quad pins can then be moved, until the car is in the desired location. When the car is in the correct position, the tick can be clicked and the change will be applied.

5 copy

If the layer was a smart object, then the Perspective Warp smart object filter will be displayed in the layers panel (marked Red).

7 copy

At any point the Perspective Warp can be re-edited. Also, with Photoshop CC (14.2) you can link or embed another file into this file.


2. Example B

Of course it will depend on what you ultimately want to do with perspective warp which will define the quads.

In picture below I would like to change the angle of perspective and move the building to the right. It may have been that when I got back to the studio from this shoot, I realised that I had missed the main graffiti on the left wall and, would like to show it off more. To do this is very  simple. We need to draw the quads that will define the 3D perspective of the wall. To start the perspective warp, (i would recommend turning the layer into a Smart Object, or if using Camera RAW, opening the file as a Smart Object from Camera RAW) move the tool into Layout mode.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 20.38.43

in this case, the first procedure is to make sure that the walls within the image stay vertical. To do this, i’ll turn on the guides (Menu item / View / Show / Guides) and draw out 3, one for each vertical line (guides are shown in Blue)

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 20.15.15


Open the Perspective warp tool, Menu Item / Edit / Perspective Warp and make sure it’s in Layout mode. Then draw the quads over the image and join two together (a blue line over the quad will appear, once it does it’s connected to the adjacent quad). You will notice that when you reach the guides with the tool, the pins will snap to the guides.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 20.19.23


Move the tool to warp at this point. To make sure that the vertical lines stay in place, hold the Shift key down and click on each one of the vertical quads (you will notice that the vertical lines will turn yellow as you hover over them, clicking on the vertical line will change them to be yellow all of the time). The yellow shows that the quad is linked to the vertical axis.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 20.21.31


at this point, you are able to grab a pin and move the outer left hand quad and re-position it closer to the edge of the scene.  You are able to move the middle vertical to the right. This alteration will alter the perspective as desired.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 20.23.55


or the other way (if desired)

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 20.24.39


Once you have complete the warp, you can press enter to commit (Remember that if you are using a Smart Object, you can re-edit at any point in time)

There are a few things to think about when defining the quads (see image below):-

  • Quads can be extended beyond the edge of the frame. This can help in the case above where you ideally need the lower and upper parts of the scene to move with the buildings perspective.
  • You are able to place many quads to stabilise an area if required and and more constraints.
  • When you join the quads a blue edge should appear (this will depend on the physical quad side sizes, if you don’t see a blue edge on the corresponding quad, then maybe the quad you are drawing is not large enough.
  • You don’t need to specify the vertical constraint, this can sometimes help, depending on what you are doing.
  • You don’t need to use the guides, but can be helpful to make sure that you keep the vertical perspective.

The image below shows when multiple quads are used to add more constraints to the warp (This will add more holding points therefore less of the image will move at any one time, so you will need to pull and push the pins around to achieve the new perspective.)

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 20.59.26

NB. Perspecrtive warp requires the GPU and there are minimum requirements for this feature



 How much VRAM do I need to run the perspective warp feature?

Photoshop requires at least 512 MB of video RAM (VRAM) to run the perspective warp feature on 16-bit and 32-bit documents. If your GPU has 256 MB of VRAM, you can run the perspective warp feature only on 8-bit documents.

Also, the nVidia GeForce GT 120 video card isn’t currently supported for the perspective warp feature.



4 Responses to Photoshop CC 14.2 update – Perspective Warp

  1. platinumshots says:


    Is Perspective warp only available if the Mac can also render 3D? Perspective warp is permanently greyed out (regardless if its a 8, or a 16bit image. My iMac unfortunately is not able to use the 3D function due to lack of memory.


  2. Bob Wallace says:

    The New Perspective Warp feature looks fine ……….it takes a long time to render but that is most probably due to my computer………ready for a Rebuild!!

    The “Blending Options” for the “smart Filter” appears to be missing when the Filter is applied to a Smart Object Layer. Is there a reason fort that?

  3. Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all of us you really understand what you are talking about!
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