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We are excited to announce that Adobe will be attending the UK’s Photography show at the NEC from March 1st to March 4th. We have been working very hard on a seminar schedule with some amazing photographers, re-touchers and creatives to create what we think will have something for everyone. As the photographer and creative professional is changing rapidly we are looking to make sure that we cover all parts of the Adobe Imaging solution set, so we will be hosting sessions on Lightroom and Photoshop retouching, as well as combining 3D into your 2D scenes, Creative Cloud overview and deep dive as well as video in Photoshop.

To enable this to happen we will have 2 seminar rooms called the Lightroom and Photoshop studios as well as an Adobe stand for Q&A, Competitions and general chit chat on Photography and Imaging. So if you would like to see how something is achieved, ask a burning question to want to just talk to us about Adobe solutions and Photography, then by all means come to the stand.

So, what does the schedule look like and who’s presenting what:-

You can see the list of speakers on this page with more information and what they look like.

At the Photography we will have two seminar rooms, the Photoshop Studio and the Lightroom Studio. We will also have a stand there as well (details below the seminar room schedules)

Updated – 5th February 2014

If you are coming to the show, why not use the special Adobe discount code “ADO142014” and get your ticket early from the Photography show website? (It will reduce the price of an adult ticket to £10 (it is not valid for concession tickets) and is valid until 20/02/2014).


Photoshop Studio – A detailed view is available here

Every Day Overview PS

Lightroom Studio – A detailed view is available here

Every Day Overview LR

Adobe stand

Adobe will be having a stand at the show also. There will be an opportunity to get hands on with software and hardware. Exact details will be listed here once we are able to share what we will be doing.

Both the above schedules are available on Behance as well via the following links

Photoshop Seminar Room

Lightroom Seminar Room

Why did we use Behance to publish the schedules ?

We feel that Behance is a wonderful way to publish images, get inspiration and be inspired by others (including both photographers and artists). The other elements that we took into consideration are portability and access. By using Behance you are able to access the schedule using any browser on your laptop, desktop or mobile device without having a signup or login to anything. However, access to Behance is completely free and is a great way to publish your own content. There are mobile apps on the iPhone and iPad for Behance (Free to download and access), which will allow you to see the schedules and add them to your personal collection (shown below), as well as a way to share the schedules with your colleagues or friends via other social networks (pintrest, Facebook, twitter etc).

We think that the Photography show will be an amazing event, it will be different from Focus on Imaging because it is more about learning and being inspired as opposed to just a trade show.

If you think that the show will be worthwhile, then please share the links. Maybe while you are sharing and browsing the schedules have a look around Behance and see what exciting work people are posting !!!

How to access the Behance schedules on your iPad / iPhone

The best way to access the schedules is via the Behance app on your Desktop computer, iPad, iPhone. To find the schedules you can search for “Photography Show 2014” (see below).

Desktop Computer

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 13.15.45


iPad/iPhone. The best way is to download the Behance application (it’s free) from the Apple iTunes store, then you can search for “Photography Show 2014” in the same way as above.



If you login to Behance you can still find the schedules in the same way. However, when you login, you will be able to add to a collection and have access to them when ever you need them (before or at the show). Also, don’t forget, you can take a screen grab of the schedule as you, so you don’t even need to be online to refer to them

To create a collection, once you have found the schedules. Click on the “+” icon in the top right of the screen (same on the iPhone). Then click Create a new collection, or add to an existing one.

photo 2


If you are creating a new Collection, give it a name.


photo 3

Click on the collection to add this project, then click Save (top right of the collection panel)

photo 5

Once the schedule is added to your collections, you can access it from your profile. Make sure that you are selected (marked Yellow below), then click Collections (marked Red)

photo 1

Your collections are shown as a list.

photo 2

You can access the collection by clicking on it (you can see here i have just added one of the two, depending on your interest)

photo 3

You will then be able to scroll down the project. The schedules have been organised by a quick view of all days, then a more detailed view by day.

photo 4

Once you get to the section that you are interested in, you are able to click the screen to see it in full screen mode. At this point you are able to take a screen shot from your device (if you need to).

photo 5


If you would like to share this information with others, please do so by clicking the box with an arrow pointing upwards and choosing how you would like to share.

photo 1

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