Photoshop 14.2.1 Creative Cloud Update

Photoshop CC update version 14.2.1 (for Creative Cloud members, Mac and Windows) has been released, resolving the following issues:

  • Fixed issue where Smart Object is not updating correctly after going back in history with parent document Fixed issue with Generator and Linked Illustrator Smart Objects Fixed issue where bounds of layers exported via Generator are wrong
  • Fixed program errors when Generator is enabled
  • Fixed issue where backspace key doesn’t delete last point for Polygonal Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Magnetic Pen Fixed issue where Generator stops generating files in documents with a large number of layers
  • Fixed coordinate incompatibility between 14.0 and 14.2 when using 3D/actions
  • Improved start-up time when scanning presets
  • Fixed issue where clipboard is not retaining the correct size unless the resolution is set at 72 when copied from Illustrator
  • Fixed issue with Smart Object updating incorrectly after drag and drop between unsaved documents
  • Fixed issue rendering PSDs with 3D content created in prior versions
  • Fixed issues errors, stability, and rendering issues with Scripted Pattern Fill Fixed crash on quit after creating video Smart Object
  • Fixed stability issue when running Camera Shake Reduction filter on new Mac Pro
  • Fixed issue with context menus not working on Windows (document titlebar, unit menu on w & h during transform, etc)
  • Fixed issue where New Linked Smart Object via Copy layer updates wrong Smart Object after edit
  • Fixed issue with inverted bump maps
  • Fixed several crashing issues using Generator
  • Fixed crashing issue build 3D print for Shapeways 3D print
  • Fixed 3D issue with rendering after unchecking Surface Detail
  • Fixed 3D crash when default presets are missing
  • Fixed crashing issue when saving and closing document quickly after applying a filter
  • Fixed issue with merging down 3D extrusion Material Fixed crashing issue with 3D cross-sections
  • Fixed issue with placing linked Smart Object containing animation/motion
  • Fixed issue when placing 3D files using Javascript

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