New Digital Publishing app on the iPad for Canon EOS Photographers

There is a new free iPad app in the Apple App Store based on the Adobe Digital Publishing platform. This great app has been created by Canon and goes in the whole Canon camera eco-system. It’s got a wealth of content and interactivity, including which lenses to use for what style of photography (Macro, Wedding, Portrait, Food and many more), tips and techniques when using the Canon EOS system, but also interviews with leading Canon Ambassadors and Explorers. The app is available here in the Apple App store, and is available in EMEA only. If you would like to search for it then type Canon Brochures”  in the iPad app store.










6 Responses to New Digital Publishing app on the iPad for Canon EOS Photographers

  1. William LOng says:

    What is the name of this app so I can search for it on my ipad.

  2. Emerson Calegaretti says:

    Any ideas when it’ll be available worldwide? Right now it’s available only for the EMEA region…

    • rcurtis says:

      Yes, that is correct the app is only currently available in EMEA, and i am not sure when it will be made available WWW.

  3. Justin Grant Doughty says:

    Dispite clicking on the link and typing in the name in the App Store search bar, I can not find the app. Any ideas as if there’s a bug that needs to fixed or at least another way to get to the app?