#CreativeFriday – Import 3D, 3D Painting and 3D Printing

This short video will show you how to import a 3D object into a Photoshop canvas, then how to unwrap the model and create a new UV map. The model will then have some parts painted using the regular bush on the UV map, then how to paint directly onto the 3D model using the same brush.

We will work with the new Adobe Sketch iPad application to design an idea of a background for the model that I would like Tony to draw for me in Adobe Illustrator. We will use the new private folder sharing capability in the 2014 release of Creative Cloud to collaborate on the final image, as well as adding other effects in to the illustration.

The model will be placed in to the 2D illustration using the Photoshop vanishing point grid and how to move the 3D model into position.

I’ll also talk about integrating the model in to the scene, by updating the IBL for more realism,  adding reflections and lighting to blend it in nicely.

The other opportunity here is to actually print the model using, either an online service like a Sculpteo or a Shapeways, in a variety of materials (including full colour sandstone, ceramic, wax or even various types of metal). In this video i’ll talk about printing to a local Makerbot 2 printer. Using the Makerbot required the model to have  it’s walls thickened, create a single shell, have the normals corrected, irregular faces as well as floating polygons removed. The final 3D model will be shown in the Photoshop 3D printing preview window.

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