Photoshop 2014.2 update – Move tool change workaround.

The Photoshop 2014.2 update, changed the behaviour of the Move tool which may not suit everyone’s workflow. This post documents a workaround that should replicate the previous behaviour of this tool.

Move Tool Change

Holding the CMD (Mac) /CTRL (Pc)  with Move tool selected toggles Auto-Select for objects on the canvas


If this change does not suit your workflow, there is a workaround which should support the previous behaviour.

-Uncheck auto-select, don’t hold down CMD to select items In the current layers… just use CMD click to define the’ layers you wish to select.
‘We used to select our layers in the layers panel, and then use the move tool while holding CMD to drag them all at once without needing to actually target the layers with the mouse.’
So in the case above… you CMD select your layers… then DON’T hold CMD to drag them all at once. No arrows required.

2 Responses to Photoshop 2014.2 update – Move tool change workaround.

  1. H. Vu says:

    Ugh, this change doesn’t even make sense! There’s a checkbox to disable or enable auto-select and until now the CMD key toggled this checkbox, no matter what you’ve set as default.

    Now if you have auto-select disabled, the CMD key still toggles auto-select. If auto-select is enabled however, the CMD key now toggles between auto-selecting Layers/Groups. Why should the same key do something different, if you prefer to click on things? Why would changing between Layers/Groups be more important for those people?

    I’ve always used Photoshop with auto-select on. When building websites and interfaces with hundreds of layers, I prefer to click on the things I see on the screen instead of selecting them from the layer window. For me that is way faster. Selecting objects is the thing I do most. To edit their properties, highlight them in the layer window, etc. etc… Moving them is secondary. That’s why I’ve set my default click to select and move things with the CMD key pressed.

    Your workaround works in a way, but it’s like turning a person around and tell them to walk backwards to get forward. Please, please, please add a checkbox somewhere, where we can change the behavior of the CTRL key. The way it is now doesn’t make sense at all and the only workaround I see for myself is to get an old version of Photoshop from before this update.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Wehsack says:

    i can imagine this may make no difference for people who use photoshop mainly for photo manipulation or illustration, but my ui design workflows are crippled right now. every other app, even the os itself has the ability to select elements by click and being able to move a set of them without having to focus one is especially helpful when having very small objects. it would be nice to make this an option.

    for anyone seeking a temporary fix: reinstalling photoshop removes the update.