#CreativeFriday – Adobe Previews New 3D Features for Photoshop CC & Unveils 3D Printed Artwork from James Stewart & Francois Veraart

 At the 3D Printshow in New York, Adobe showcased three new features that will be available for 3D and 3D Printing in a future version of Photoshop CC.

The previewed features allow users to automatically adjust 3D object resolution; quickly and powerfully convert images into bump maps that can be applied to the surfaces of 3D objects; and more easily edit textures captured from 3D scans within Photoshop:


·      3D Mesh Simplification enables faster processing, printing and expands sharing options Many 3D models have a large number of polygons which, although define the model in detail, provide a level or resolution that is not often necessary for the desired output. For example, most desktop 3D printers are low-resolution, and high-resolution 3D objects can unnecessarily slow down the processing and printing process. Further, as 3D viewers have become more prominent on devices with lower-speed processors, such as tablets, often high resolution models perform poorly on these platforms or, in some cases, don’t load at all. The new 3D Mesh Simplification capability provides a simple slider that allows users to quickly and easily reduce the number of polygons to enable faster processing and ability for others to view their 3D object regardless of device.


·      Create and apply 3D Bump Maps from any photograph to add texture to 3D objects

Convert textures from a photograph into a bump map, with flexibility to control desired height and depth of embossment or imprint to create a custom, textured 3D object. 


·      Edit colors from 3D scans with Vertex color to texture conversion

While 3D scanning is expected to become increasingly prominent, many 3D scanning solutions capture color data as vertex color, which is not editable within Photoshop. The new Vertex Color to Texture Conversion will interpret and allow users to edit and change colors through creation of a Photoshop Texture.


In addition to these feature previews, two artists unveiled new 3D art pieces that take advantage of the advanced 3D and 3D printing capabilities in Photoshop CC.


·      James Stewart, a visual effects artist who has worked on movies such as The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter, brings to life an image that captivated him in Brazil through 3D printing:


You can read more at the video on Adobe Inspire.

·      Francois Veraart, a designer and illustrator with more than 20 years of experience in international advertising, dreams up an “American Football 5.0” player, built by using just the 3D and 3D printing features in Photoshop CC 


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