Adobe Max – Stratasys and Adobe Photoshop CC Painting Challenge

BRETOMER_006_300DPI_PS copy

“Bretomer”, by Nick Ervink, was printed using Connex3 technology. You can meet the artist and see more breathtaking achievements in shape and colour by visiting Stratasys in the Adobe Max Community Pavilion.

At the Stratasys stand you will also see an exclusive sneak peak into continuous colour 3D printing and collaboration with painting using Adobe Photoshop CC.

  • See astounding, vibrant 3D printed works of art and design
  • Try experimental colour design/painting with Photoshop CC
  • Compete in the design challenge to win one of the two daily awards of $1,000 toward Stratasys Direct Express printing services.

To enable your creative visions to come alive, there will be a 3D Chameleon model . The Chameleon was created by 3D model artist Jon Reilly, Jon has made many models in his professional career, and more information about Jon and the work that he has created by visiting his website. You will find workstations on the stand with the chameleon ready to paint, and workstations running Photoshop CC to make your creation come alive.

As an example of what’s possible, we have already painted and printed on the Stsratasys Connex 3 a variety of Chameleons, they will also be available for viewing (in different colours on the Stratasys stand in the community pavilion area).


If you would like to see other examples that have been painted in Photoshop CC, then there is a dedicated page.

If you are looking for ideas on how to paint the Chameleon, we have created a video to demonstrate the techniques used in Photoshop.


Also, the Stratasys Direct Express printing service profiles for Photoshop CC are now available from the Photoshop 3D services page.



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