#CreativeFriday – Adobe’s theatre schedule at the UK Photography show

Adobe is once again extremely excited to be running the Adobe Theatre at the Photography Show this year. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to showcase what the modern day Photographer needs to know, covering all aspects of a photographic journey. We’ll share with you how to add value to the image capture within your camera, image editing techniques and best practices at the computer, as well as many options to publish your work to the internet and across your social channels. We believe that armed with your camera, the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan and content from these talks, you will be able to take your images to the next level.
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Session Descriptions
Combining Lightroom and Photoshop CC in your retouching workflow
In the past few updates in the Creative Cloud, Lightroom and Photoshop have seen various improvements for photographers. This session, hosted by a re-touching expert, will look in detail at the new tools and explain how to improve your post production/re-touching workflows, to create even more beautiful images.
  • Learn about improvements with both Lightroom and Photoshop for Creative Cloud
  • Explore workflows between both Lightroom and Photoshop
  • This session will show how you can get the best from both solutions

Hidden gems in Photoshop CC for Photographers

This talk will explore often overlooked features inside Photoshop CC that we think are both underused and valuable to photographers or anyone that would like to learn more about the application.


  • Learn about features that are often overlooked in Photoshop CC
  • Explore features that you may have missed in the newer released of Photoshop CC
  • Explore Tools used by the Professionals

Making your Photos look amazing with Lightroom

In this session you’ll discover new ways of correcting common photo issues and enhancing and combining images to give them the wow factor.


  • Learn new ways to correct common Photo problems
  • Learn how to enhance images to give them a wow factor
  • Explore techniques used by the Professionals

3D Printing with Photoshop CC and the Photography Plan

3D Printing is taking the world by storm, and this technology is opening up new creative ideas for Photographers. In early 2014 Photoshop gained the ability to create/print 3D objects using a variety of printers, materials and services. This talk will walk you through 3D printing in Photoshop with examples of how Photographers can embrace it in their work.


  • Explore the Photoshop 3D Interface
  • See a practical example of Printing a 3D Object
  • Learn about 3D Printable options for Photographers

Colour Management – Perfecting your workflow

This session is brought in conjunction with Adobe and Datacolor and will provide an end to end solution for colour management.  We will explain how colour management can easily be incorporated into your workflow from ‘in the camera’, to the screen and finishing at the printer and transform your workflow forever. This session will ensure that you are able to make perfect looking prints every time.


  • Explore how to colour manage your screen and printer with the Datacolor suite of solutions
  • Learn how to soft proof photographs in Lightroom or Photoshop to get the perfect print
  • See a practical demo of how colour calibration with Datacolor works

Lightroom – Mastering the basics

This session is perfect for the person this is just starting out with Lightroom. The speaker will walk you through the key benefits of the program. The session will touch on how to import, organise and find your images as well as the tools that are available to you.


  • Explore the benefits of Lightroom
  • Learn how to start using Lightroom for organising your pictures and making some basic image adjustments
  • See a practical demo of to use Lightroom

Video Editing with Photoshop CC and the Photography plan

We all have cameras that are able to create stunning photographs, and many can now record stunning HD quality video too. This session will show how you can import your video clips into Photoshop and use your existing Photoshop skills to edit and create a compelling short film.


  • Explore the common tools that are used inside Photoshop to Edit a video
  • Learn how to use the Photoshop Video Interface as well as the tools to make a successful edit
  • See a practical demo of how a short film is made

Using Mobile apps in the imaging workflow

The Adobe Creative Cloud including the Photography plan includes the Desktop apps, as well as mobile apps across devices. In this session, Eric explores these apps and examines how the photographer might benefit from them in the imaging worklfow.


  • Learn which apps are available with the Creative Cloud Photography Plan
  • Learn how to use the Creative Cloud mobile apps in conjunction with the desktop apps
  • See a practical demo of how the mobile apps can be used

Fundamental imaging techniques of Post Production with David Noton – Guest Speaker

This year we are extremely pleased to welcome by Canon Explorer and one of the world’s leading landscape and travel photographers David Noton to the Adobe Seminar room. David’s talk, the Fundamentals of Post-Production will cover new developments and techniques within the Adobe Photography plan that have supported his imaging processing needs in 2015. This promises to be a not to be missed session and a highlight for Adobe seminar room this year.


  • Top techniques from a working professional Photographer
  • See a practical examples of world class image editing
  • Learn about new features used by David in his workflow

Travel Photography editing workflow with the Photography Plan

The Creative Cloud Photography Plan offers photographers a wide range of tools and services to support the management of their images, the editing process, as well as a defined and industry standard worfklows. One such workflow is travel photography. This talk will demonstrate how Lightroom and Lightroom mobile can support the travel photographer and maximise their time when travelling, but also show a non destructive workflow that will streamline the photo editing process between Lightroom, Lightroom Mobile and Photoshop.


  • Explore how the Photography plan can support travel photographers
  • Learn tips for maximising time when out in the field
  • See a practical demo of a non destructive editing process using Lightroom / Lightroom mobile and Photoshop

Organising your Photography with Lightroom and the Photography plan

This session is for anyone that would like to understand the best way to organise their content in Lightroom. The talk will cover importing, keywording, as well as ways to find your content. One focus area on the talk is how to orgnaise your content and workflow options when you move your work from Lightroom to a Photoshop workflow and top tips how this works in the real world.


  • Explore how Lightroom’s Library module helps with organising your work
  • Learn tips for import, keywording, backup and image editing strategies in the Photography plan
  • See a practical demonstrations of different workflows and solving some common workflow problems

Photoshop CC for Photographers

Want to find out which new features of Photoshop will boost your creativity and save you time? In this session freelance photographer Gavin Hoey will share a variety of real world Photoshop tips and tricks to fire up your photography enthusiasm. You’ll find out Gavin’s favourite Photoshop tools for creating simple but eye-catching visual effects and how and why he shoots with Photoshop mind.


  • Explore how Photoshop can boost your creativity
  • Learn real world tips to excite your Photographs
  • See a practical demonstrations of Photoshop in action

Using Adobe Slate & Behance to publish your work

Adobe Slate is a new way to create and publish wonderful online content. Adobe Slate will allow you to turn your ideas and photos into engaging visual stories. This session will walk you though creating an Adobe Slate project. To get an idea of what can be created, here is one that I prepared earlier (http://bit.ly/EagleHunters). This session will also talk about Behance as another option to exhibit your work online, to a large community of Creative professionals.


  • Explore how to publish content in multiple ways
  • Learn tips for presenting your work online
  • See a practical demo of building a Slate app, as well as placing content in Behance

For more information on the show itself, including how to get there, directions as well as other things that are happening, please visit the Photography show web site.

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