#CreativeFriday – Read only Libraires

The Creative Cloud Libraries got a lovely boost this week, by including the option to choose if a library collaborator is able to Read or Change a library that they have been invited to. Libraries are a great way to collaborate on assets that will be used within a document, be it inside Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Premiere Pro or After effects. Libraries,  can be just for one person or a team, or even a whole organisation, it’s a great way to share graphics/fonts/colours/3D objects used by the team or the project.

To access your libraries on the Creative Cloud web site, navigate to creative.adobe.com. To open the Libraries, click on the Libraries link (marked in red below).

Library access

Once libraries are open, you will see something like the following. This screen is showing all the libraries that you own (or collaborating on). You will see that there is an option called ‘Collaborate’ available for each library entity. Collaborate will give you the option to add/remove people to the library.


The new update, now enables you to invite collaborators, and specify if they are able to read or change items. When inviting collaborators, you now see the option to ‘Edit’ or the option to ‘View’.



Once invited for edit, the contents of the shared library can be modified. If view is chosen, then they can only use the items and not change anything.


This is a great leap forward for more controls of your assets, when using Libraries when collaboration.


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