#CreativeFriday – Sharing an image(s) with Lightroom mobile

I was looking what’s new with Lightroom web today and found a small feature that now allows me to share a single or as many photos as i need, as opposed to a whole collection.

Once in Lightroom web (hyperlink will take you there) and have logged into your Creative Cloud account, then you can select “Photos” to see your images.

Now on the top tool bar, a “select” option (marked in red) is available. This option allows me to select one or multiple images (from either a shared collection or from pictures that have been added from the camera roll on the phone/tablet).


Once, select is clicked, the screen turns into a photograph picker

Once selected, clicking the “share” icon, will tell Lightroom mobile to provide a link for your viewers to see your work. You can see in the following screen shot, i’ve even given the link a name.


Clicking finish will provide a shortened URL for you


Heading over to another browser (which isn’t logged on) will show what the viewer will see.

selectPhotoLRM5selectPhotoLRM5 copy


The great thing is that the link is live, so if you add more pictures to it at a later date, your customers/viewers will see the new images.



The beauty of the Creative Cloud is that these types of updates are added to the product as they are created, for you to enjoy and exploit in your workflow.


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