#CreativeFriday – 3D Look’s in Photoshop CC from Adobe Capture

Adobe Capture on the iPhone/iPad and Android phones has supported 3D Look /LUT creation for a while, but recently Photoshop CC was enhanced to be able to consume this content for application to a video(s) or still image(s).

Adobe Capture is a lovely app which allows capture of real world textures, patterns, colours as well as a colour spectrum for 3D looks/LUT’s from anything that you point the phone camera at. Below is a screen shot of some tones captured from a series of regular household items.


Because Adobe capture is configured to automatically sync to the Creative Cloud and then to the desktop apps (in this case MyLibrary), any assets that are created, will be available in Photoshop CC (in this case), almost immediately, marked below in the bottom red box.

PS Library Look

Once in Photoshop CC, it can be added to an image or video, really quickly.

Images. To use on an image, just click on the Look in the Library and it will be applied as a layer to the layer stack.

3d lut image examples

When used on video, just click the Look and a new layer with the Look will be applied, but you will most likely want to drag it out of the group, into it’s own layer, depending how it’s going to be used.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.03.56

I think that this support for Colour Looks’/Lut’s has got a lot of mileage to be very creative on making these types of assets for use on video or images in Photoshop CC.

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