#CreativeFriday – Adobe Stock Creative Cloud Update (2015.x)

You might not have noticed, but in the last Creative Cloud update, Adobe Stock received an update as well. Adobe Stock now has deeper integration from the outset, both in the desktop apps, as well as from the browser. This release really streamlines the Stock usage and licensing process.

1. If you are searching for Stock Assets, you might have noticed on the browser view the open in…


When engaging with the asset, you now you have “Open Preview in …” as well as “Open in..”. The top Open in is from the last session and will open the Stock asset (either Licensed or Preview) directly into the last application that used in the last session. The Open In at the bottom of the panel, will open the asset in an application of your choice. This means there is no more downloading to the desktop and manually placing into your canvas/timeline of the desktop app.

Also, you still have the ability to load the asset direct to the Creative Cloud Library from this panel as well.

2. If you prefer to use the save to Creative Cloud Library, the asset (either preview or licensed) will automatically sync to the Library that was selected on the browser, and into the library panel with the Desktop applications.


In previous release you had to license the asset from the Library panel itself. In this update, you can now right click on the layer that contains the preview/watermarked stock asset, and from within the pop-up menu, the asset can be licensed.


Now licensing Adobe Stock imagery only takes a single step to license an image, regardless of if anything has been adjusted (using Layers, Effects, Adjustments etc). If lots of Stock imagery has been used across many layers to complete your composite or artwork , then this licensing feature will save you heaps of time.

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