#CreativeFriday – Face Aware Liquify – Photoshop 2015.5

You may have seen the great new Face Aware Liquify feature in the last update to Photoshop CC. It’s a wonderful tool, and designed to help with your image manipulation around the face and remove the complexities that existed around working with faces previsouly.

Let’s take this image. I met this father and son in Bhutan a few years ago and I thought would make a great image. The only issue is that, whilst taking the shot, the son is looking away from the camera.

The second and last shot that I have is the following

On this occasion, they are both looking at the camera, but not smiling.

This is a great real world usecase for the new Face Aware liquify in Photoshop CC 2015.5. Face Aware Liquify first made an appearance in the mobile application Photoshop Fix.

The Face Aware liquify is available under the Filter / Liquify menu option (i’m using this on a Smart Object, which gives me a way to apply the effect, then to change it if required, or to fine tune, all non destructively of course).

FixSmile-FaceAwareLiquifyOnce inside the Liquify tool, with the Face selected. Photoshop will automatically recognise all faces, and intelligently search and find the eyes, nose, mouth and face edges, then allow you to re-configure using the sliders on the right hand side.

Just a quick movement on the smile tool, either directly on the picture, or by using the slides on the right hand side panel, will correct this image and put a slight smile on the both people.

SmileFixedIt’s a very simple process and takes a couple of minutes. It’s worth an explore to see what else is achievable, you might event want to create something like the following.

Young handsome man in glasses smiling

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  1. Frank Lombard says:

    Best up-date for Photoshop in some time from Adobe.