#CreativeFriday – Re-using Adobe Camera RAW settings for other images

Recently, I have had the need to re-use camera RAW settings and take them from one image to another, via Camera RAW.

Take this set of adjustments that I have made to an image, which I took in India a couple of years ago

The processing used allows me to create a consist look / feel and tone to any image. I’m always trying to find a way to link images together to tell the wider story.

The settings in Camera RAW cross almost every tab, from shadow/highlight recovery, split tone etc, and re-entering this each time is time consuming and can create errors in the processing.

Within ACR (Adobe Camera RAW) there is an option to save the current settings

Once “save setting” has been selected the following screen will be displayed


Here individual elements can be selected and turned on/off. Once the required items have been selected, clicking Save will save the .XMP file to the local disk (Personally, I’ll save this to my Creative Cloud folder so I can use it anywhere that I am editing).

When editing the next image that will use these settings, I’ll  just need to add the Camera RAW filter (at which ever point in your process from the Filter menu), then load the XMP saved file into ACR and the settings will be adjusted as appropriate.



2 Responses to #CreativeFriday – Re-using Adobe Camera RAW settings for other images

  1. David Abbott says:

    Hello Richard,
    For about the last year we have been posting your weekly blog on the Chichester Camera Club web site for members only of the Digital Group of the club.
    The idea has now been suggested that we should have a logo , maybe the Adobe logo or perhaps a head and shoulders of you, so that readers can immediately associate it with Adobe and as useful information worthy of their attention.
    We would be most grateful if you would give us permission to do so and supply something you think suitable.
    Best wishes

  2. Mirela says:

    This is great advice! Thank you!