Download the free PDF production handbook

Creating a final, print-quality PDF from FrameMaker documents can be an involved, multi-step process. We thought it would be useful to capture all relevant considerations and steps in a single handbook that could be immediately put to use in real-world situations.

The following sections are included in this handbook:
  • Relevant scenario
  • Prerequisites
  • Important considerations
  • Equip yourself with relevant details
  • Stage 0: Prepare the content
  • Stage 1: Clean up the source
  • Stage 2: Prepare the book and create PDF
  • Stage 3: Test the PDF
  • Stage 4: Prepare the PDF for publication
  • Stage 5: Optimize the PDF in Acrobat
  • Appendix: Best practices for using conditional text
  • Appendix: Keeping track of content changes across versions in a collaborative environment
Click this link to download the handbook: pdf_handbook.pdf.

And yes, feel free to share it with your colleagues and friends!

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  • Hi,thanks for the Download “pdf_handbook.pdf” Link. It´s very usefully for me to know about the production handbook.Many Regards and thanks from Germany

  • Hi Samartha, i wanna thanks you for share us the pdf_handbook Link. It could be usefully for me and my project.Thanks a lot

  • Hi Samartha

    Thanks for sharing knowledge across the globe. I know you guys rock and your help is always a learning curve for all of us. Thanks again.

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