Mesmerizing: Content-aware fill in Photoshop CS5

RJ Jacquez has posted a mesmerizing demo of the new content-aware fill feature in Photoshop CS5 on his blog. True, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic!

Can’t wait to lay your hands on Creative Suite 5? Hold your horses for a few more days!

Find: Much beyond text…

FrameMaker iconYou can use the Find/Change feature in FrameMaker to look for many different kinds of objects across a book or in a document.


In particular, Find Unresolved Cross Reference saves me grueling hours of troubleshooting when I’m generating PDFs.

Read more about the search functionality in FrameMaker in this Help article. For tips and best practices on creating PDFs from FrameMaker documents, see this handbook.

PDF watermarks: Settings that work for me

When you add watermarks to a PDF document, you want them to be visible unobtrusively. The following settings for the Watermark tool in Acrobat (Document > Watermark > Add) work best for me:

Font: Arial
Size: Varies. For shorter watermarks like the word Draft, 72 pt works well.
Color: Pure red (R: 255, G: 0, B:0)
Rotation: 45°
Opacity: One notch above zero on the slider (12%)
Location: Appear on top of page


If required, you can specify different watermarks for different sets of pages. Click Page range options in the Add Watermark dialog box to do this.

To understand how you can work with watermarks in Acrobat 9, see this Help article.