Photoshop CC | The magical camera shake reduction

If I had to put my finger on the Photoshop CC feature that comes closest to “magic”, I’d pick Camera Shake Reduction. For most users, it is the powerful tool that deblurs pictures that got ruined in a sudden shake of the camera. For some, it breathes life right back into memorable moments that can never be captured again. Magic.

Excited? Let’s get you started with using this feature:

  • For detailed step-by-step documentation, see this Help article
  • A video introduction to camera shake reduction is here:

Happy reading and touching up your photos!


3 Responses

  • THANK YOU for your intro to shake reduction. I have been using it and love it – EXCEPT for one thing. I noticed ‘haloing’ around the images – even in your demo, a halo behind the head. Can’t seem to easily remedy it.
    Any Thoughts???

    • Hi Gene, to get rid of the Halo effect, just use the History brush to bring back parts of the photo, this is how I get rid of the halo effects that where not in the original photo.

  • Mr. Sanchez mentions toward the end of his demo that “Shake Reduction” will reduce lens blur. Shake reduction analyzes the blur history (a micro ghosting), which has a beginning and an end. Lens blur has no such history and therefor cannot be analyzed by shake reduction.

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