Adjust menu font size in the Photoshop CC 2014.2 release

The 2014.2 release of Photoshop CC simplifies how menu font size is determined. Now, to adjust the menu font size in Photoshop, you simply need to tweak the relevant operating system settings.

For example, on Windows 8.1, you can adjust the menu font size by following the steps in the “Make text and other items on the desktop larger” section of this Microsoft Help topic.


Adjusting menu font size in Microsoft Windows 8.1

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  • this method is not working. only windows explorer menu is changing is size but the photoshop appearance is still freaking small.

  • In Windows 8, the settings adjustment results in the text under menus being enlarged, when you click on the menu options. The initial screen, including text at the top (file, edit, etc.) tools, and panels does not enlarge. The size is smaller than for InDesign CC, for comparison. It is small in ID, but incredibly small in PS. Hard to believe it could be released that way.

  • Update: While the Windows 8 adjustment had no effect on the main screen, the preferences / experimental features, 200% option, helps. There is a link above about that.

  • I just downloaded Photoshop to my MAC and the type on the display is so small that I cannot use it. It appear that MACs won’t let you increase font size, but I can usually increase a screen with command +. It doesn’t work on photoshop. I have a HUGE screen, but the type is about 5 pt. This is ridiculous. Please provide instructions on how to increase the type size.

  • Windows 8 with 3800×1800 resolution
    “Extra large 250%”
    “Menus: 24”
    all my menus in OTHER programs are now ridiculously large, in Photoshop my font is about 1.2 millimeter in the menus, also tools icons and other features are miniature. PHOTOSHOP DOES NOT TAKE MICRSOFT MENU SIZE INTO ACCOUNT

    • one more thing: Cloud installer also has very small fonts even with 250% but it does seem to change at least even if the scaling probably needs to be 500%. Unfortunately that also affects other apps (and windows itself) so that’s not really workable either. Adobe needs a few up to date PC’s with very high resolution to understand the problem.

  • I have the same problem. The font size in Photoshop CC is so small on my iMac, I need a microscope to read it.
    Help soonest, please….

  • Agree with the comment from JH above. Adjusting the menu size in Windows 8.1 has no effect on the Photoshop menu Fonts which are ridiculously small. What were they thinking??? The only thing that helps a bit is if you go to Edit – Preferences – Experimental Features – Scale the UI 200%.

  • Anyone tried with Windows 10?

    • I have the issue (using Windows 10) where the menu bar shrinks when selecting the Editing functions. Home page Menu Bar is fine. It’s so small it’s basically inoperable. HELP Needed too!

  • I have windows 10 and a 3840 x 2160 resolution screen. I made the scale 300 %, everything else goes off boundary including my desktop, but that is the only way I can work. Though it is still not big enough.

  • have the same problem in Windows 10. Has anyone come up with a solution

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