The Adobe TV Community Translation project

Adobe has just launched an innovative project, Adobe TV Community Translation. The project, as described on the Adobe TV site, extends the reach of Adobe TV content by enabling volunteer translators worldwide to translate videos into any language. I have already signed up as a translator for Hindi.

Nandini Gupta, my colleague, has shared information about the project at the Technical Communication Suite blog.  I am including the details verbatim below:

Participants in the program use a simple, intuitive interface provided by our partner dotSUB to translate the closed-captioning titles line-by-line. The translation becomes available as a closed-captioning track on the video, and also appears as a searchable, interactive transcript alongside the video.

The Community Translation page on the Adobe TV site has detailed information about the project, including translator resources such as guidelines and FAQ. For your quick understanding, here are some excerpts from the FAQ.

Who can translate for Adobe TV?

Anyone with fluency in English and at least one other language can apply to be a translator. To apply to be a translator, visit the Become a Translator page and fill out the questionnaire. Once you are approved, you will receive instructions on how to set up an account with our technology partner dotSUB. You will perform all your translations through dotSUB’s website.

Will you get paid to translate Adobe TV content?

Adobe TV translators are volunteers, so there is no payment for completing translations. For every minute of video you translate, you will earn 50 Adobe TV points. Translators with at least 2,000 Adobe TV points get their profile featured in the Translator Showcase, which will launch soon.

How much time do you get to complete your translation?

When you choose a video to translate, you will have 30 days to complete the translation.

When I finish my translation, will it automatically be posted?

All translated episodes go through a review process before they can be posted to the site.

So if you’re aware that an audience in a language that you know can benefit from translated videos, sign up and get going. There have already been 154 translations completed, in 25 different languages. A list of translated videos is available at