Top Ten FrameMaker Tips – Part 1

8. Selectively Apply Change Bars

Gain exact control on what you want to mark with change bars–especially when you are proofing the source. Instead of turning the change bars on:
  • Select the text you want to mark, and then press Ctrl+Shift+H to apply change bars.
  • To remove the change bar applied, select the character, word, sentence, or paragraph and then press Ctrl+Shift+H again.
9. Capture Screenshots On The Fly
Launch RoboScreenCapture to quickly capture screenshots, add callouts, or manipulate images directly in the content.
  • Select File > Launch RoboScreenCapture.
(This feature is available only in the FrameMaker edition bundled with the Adobe Technical Communication Suite)

10. Get The Workspace That Suits Your Work

Select a suitable workspace from the top right corner of the title bar to load all the relevant pods and panels automatically.

For example, use the Manage Content workspace when you are editing
the document and fixing cross-references and variables.
For more information, see