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Adobe Analytics Challenge 2018

For over 12 years, this competition has been a unique analytics-focused business case competition where university students are given the opportunity to use Adobe’s industry-leading analytics products and access to real-world data from leading organizations such as Starwood, Lenovo, Condé Nast, Comcast,,, Sony PlayStation, and MGM Resort International.

Through this program, Adobe has exposed thousands of students to the high-demand fields of digital marketing and analytics. Selected individuals from the Adobe Analytics Challenge will be given the opportunity to interview for internships and full-time positions at Adobe and our sponsor company. Over the years, Adobe has hired more than 50 students from this program, and it has been a valuable recruiting pool for other companies and agencies looking for data-driven talent

For more details about how this competition works and how to get registered and be part of this competition refer to details at


Adobe Analytics Segment Comparison Tool

Digital Marketing organizations have access to a plethora of data which is growing at a faster rate than ever before. Digital Marketers have tools to segment their customers or visitors based on their geography , demography, and behavior etc., but it is still a challenging task to easily compare the performance of one segment of customers with another.

Adobe Analytics introduced a new powerful Segment Comparison tool in Analysis Workspace in Summer 2016 release (i.e on June 16, 2016) for Analysis Workspace users to easily compare the performance of one segment of customers with another. This functionality was made available to all Analytics Standard and above licensed customers.

For more information about this feature , go through Adobe Marketing Cloud Help Documentation

For a quick understanding of what this feature offers, there is a short video demonstration by Adobe’s Product Management posted on our Adobe Analytics YouTube Channel

Most of the customers have already started using this feature and providing us their valuable feedback.


–Santosh Nangunoori

Adobe Analytics – Reports & Analytics Access Group

In recent past, there have been an increasing number of requests from customers to provide a way so that they can restrict non-admin users to just use Analysis Workspace and they do not have to go through the complexity of searching for hundreds of pre-canned reports provided in Reports section.

We have introduced a new group Reports & Analytics Access in Summer 2016 release. Any non-admin user who is part of this group can access Reports section and all the pre-canned reports available under it. Admin users can remove a specific user from this group in order to restrict that user to just Analysis Workspace.

Example :

admin user Alice would like to restrict non-admin user Bob to not have access to Reports section

Steps :

  • Log on to Reports & Analytics as Alice
  • Go to Admin > User Management
  • Switch to Groups tab
  • Search for Reports & Analytics Access Group (This would be a pre-defined type of group)
  • Click Edit on this group
  • Search for Bob in the group members
  • Select Bob , Click Remove and Click Save Group [Now Bob will not be able to view Reports section and all reports under it are not available to Bob]


Reports & Analytics Access Group

Reports & Analytics Access Group


RnA Access Group Membership

RnA Access Group Membership

Ben Gaines (Senior Product Manager, Adobe Analytics) has demonstrated this functionality in a short 3.5 minutes video on Adobe Analytics YouTube Channel





Analysis Workspace – Venn Visualization

We are on a continuous journey to enhance and enrich the capabilities of Analysis Workspace.

Visualization library of Analysis Workspace has been growing pretty fast and we are introducing a new Venn diagram visualization in Summer 2016 release.

We already have sixteen visualizations so far and with the addition of Venn, the total number of visualizations in Analysis Workspace would reach seventeen.

A Venn diagram is a diagram using shapes (usually circles) to represent sets, with the position and overlap of the circles indicating the relationships between the sets.

Using Venn visualization an Analyst using Analysis workspace can correlate and see the overlap of various segments.

Some screen captures that depict usage of Venn viz

Venn Visualization

Venn Visualization


Venn Viz Segment Overlap

Venn Viz Segment Overlap


Venn Viz Overlap Count

Venn Viz Overlap Count

Ben Gaines (Senior Product Manager, Adobe Analytics) has demonstrated the functionality and usage of Venn visualization in a short 2.5 minutes video on Adobe Analytics YouTube Channel

Analysis Workspace – Blank Panel

A capability to add a Blank Panel in the workspace is introduced in Summer 2016 release. Analysts who start off many new projects during their exploration process might want to start everything from scratch and a clean state, now they can Go to Panels panel and drag n drop new blank panel on to Workspace canvas area.

Any visualization out of the seventeen visualizations that we support in Analysis workspace as of now can be dragged and dropped onto the blank panel.

When any visualization other than Freeform Table , Cohort Table, Text, and Venn are dragged and dropped onto Blank Panel a Freeform Table visualization is automatically added because those visualizations need data from a linked Freeform table in order to display graphs and charts on visualization pod

Blank Panel

Blank Panel



Adobe Analytics – Updated Menu items in Analysis Workspace

An increasing number of features are getting added to Adobe Analytics Analysis workspace at a rapid pace. It was appropriate for us to update the current Analysis workspace user interactions metaphor of using actions toolbar on the top of Analysis Workspace to a smart pull-down navigation menu metaphor which is a representative of most of the popular applications that computer users interact with.

In Summer 2016 release , there are three noticeable UI changes in Analysis Workspace :

  1. Action buttons on top area of Analysis workspace are now made available as smart pull down menu items
  2. Components panel and Visualizations panel on the top are now available on left-hand rail
  3. A new panels panel has been introduced. An analysis workspace user can drag and drop one of the panels (blank , freeform & Segment Comparison) on to a new project or existing project.

For Analysis workspace power users who spend most of their time in the workspace and are more comfortable using short cuts, we have ensured that there is no change in the functionality of shortcut keys and all the shortcuts before Summer 2016 release would continue to work with same behavior after Summer 2016 release.

Full list of shortcuts before summer release and after summer release are listed in the screenshot below :

Analysis Workspace shortcuts

Analysis Workspace shortcuts

Analysis Workspace UI before and after Summer 2016 release are depicted in screenshots below :

Action Tool bar

Action Toolbar Before Summer 2016


Menu Items After Summer 2016

Menu Items After Summer 2016

Full list of latest shortcut keys is available on Marketing Cloud Documentation

For a quick tour of all these changes watch this two-minute video posted by Ben Gaines (Senior Product Manager, Adobe Analytics) on Adobe Analytics YouTube Channel