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Enhanced Active Profiles reporting in Control Panel

Active Profiles are the profiles that are counted for billing purposes.

A profile is considered active if the profile has been targeted or communicated with in the past 12 months via any channel

More about the definition of Active Profiles

Active Profiles reporting in Control Panel is available to all Adobe Campaign Customers (Classic or Standard) whose instances are fully hosted on AWS. This feature is available as beta. Any Campaign customer (AWS hosted) can use this functionality by accepting beta consent

This feature provides :

  1. Consolidated view of active profiles of all the instances of an IMS Org at a single and easy to view place
  2. Data is provided on a day level granularity (instead of monthly view as of now)
  3. Historical view of usage evolution of Active Profiles over a period of an year

for more information read Control Panel Documentation

Active Profiles
Control Panel Active Profiles

email alerts in Adobe Campaign Control Panel

All the Adobe Campaign customers that are hosted on Public Cloud (all versions of ACC and ACS) can now subscribe to email alerts to get notified about some important metrics related to health of their system with recommended user actions

When admin users log on to Campaign Control Panel via Experience Cloud login they can view a card to subscribe to email alerts.

Control Panel would send notifications and alerts to subscribed admin users when one or more of the instances exceed SFTP usage above 80% or DB usage exceeds 80% or SSL certificates are near expiry or have already expired

More information about this feature is available at the Control Panel Documentation

Control Panel email alerts