How to protect Flash Video with Flash Media Server

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The FLV format used by Adobe Flash Player has contributed to the significant increase in popularity of video on the Internet. Whether it’s user-generated or professional content, Flash Video provides an engaging experience with high quality video to the masses. Advances in software are making it very easy to create, edit, deliver, and copy video content. If you’re looking for ways to mitigate unauthorized redistribution of Flash Video content downloaded from your website, a new technical paper is available – Video content protection measures enabled by Adobe Flash Media Server.

While unprotected FLV files distributed via HTTP can be downloaded, locally stored, and subsequently redistributed – Flash Media Server provides RTMP-based streaming directly into Flash Player, avoiding the browser cache. SSL encryption and additional authentication mechanisms can also be added to more directly target the client player. This new technical paper describes how these mechanisms can be enabled on the server.

As announced earlier this year, Adobe is also developing digital rights management capabilities directly in FLV for playback in the Adobe Media Player. DRM in FLV will provide additional content protection mechanisms for HTTP distributed content that can be more securely stored for offline viewing. For more information and participation in upcoming pre-releases, please contact your Adobe enterprise account manager.

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Posted on 07-08-2007