Improving Design Collaboration While Reducing Risk

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As we’ve mentioned in earlier posts on this blog, LiveCycle Rights Management ES has a growing set of integrations with 3D CAD/CAM packages. Today we have integrations in the market to provide for rights management IP protection in native Pro/ENGINEER, CATIA, and XVL files.

Adobe recently hosted a joint webcast with PTC to showcase how customers can improve design collaboration while reducing risk using Pro/ENGINEER and LiveCycle Rights Management. In today’s global manufacturing marketplace, survival depends on fast time-to-market.  Spreading the design process across the supply chain continues to increase design complexity as customers demand better products, quickly.   The key is better collaboration, but as companies try to deliver better information, earlier in the process, to a broader audience, the risk of intellectual property (IP) loss goes up dramatically.  Survey after survey has shown that protection of design information is at the top of the list for most engineering organizations.  Companies that learn to balance improved collaboration with the risk of IP loss will be the winners moving forward.

You can replay the webcast by going to:

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Posted on 11-07-2008