Adobe Secured Customer Showcase: Castilla-La Mancha Community Council

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Castilla-La Mancha, a Spanish community government is using Adobe LiveCycle to streamline and secure their complex document management and review process for the executive office and community council. Specifically, the organization uses Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Reader software for the development and review of the documentation, and Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES software to apply the maximum level of security to control access to the documents.

The secure documents can be accessed online using a web browser via JCCM’s intranet or offline. Updated authorization is required for both methods of access, providing the system with complete traceability of its use, which in the case of printing consists of a watermark. Downloads are completely controlled, identifying each user, and preventing the document from being opened on a computer where it was not originally downloaded. An expiration date is also applied for each document’s use.

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Posted on 03-27-2009