Seven Technology Habits of Highly Effective CFOs

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Recently, Adobe executive vice president and Chief Financial Officer Mark Garrett presented a keynote at the CFO Rising conference, sponsored by CFO Magazine. Speaking to a ballroom full of senior finance executives, Mark outlined the “Seven Technology Habits of Highly Effective CFOs” and utilized several case study examples to illustrate his points.

Here’s Mark’s list:1. Eliminate paper – Use digital signatures and electronic workflows2. Ensure compliance – Utilize technology to control access to sensitive information3. Provide greater visibility – Create dashboards to monitor each part of the business4. Walk in your sales force’s shoes – Participate in sales deals to understand where processes create roadblocks, and provide tools to help them be more effective5. Engage your users – Give your employees a more “consumer-like” experience through applications like electronic forms and organization directories6. Let ideas travel – Utilize web conferencing solutions to save on travel costs and reduce carbon footprint7. Invest – Continue to invest in strategic technology projects, because companies that do invest will be best positioned when the economy turns aroundAdobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, Adobe LiveCycle, and Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro offer solutions to help today’s CFOs better manage their business.To learn more – Mark’s keynote is available for viewing on the CFO Rising website.

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Posted on 05-01-2009