McAfee and Adobe Team on Automated Data Protection (DLP + DRM)

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McAfee and Adobe today announced their global strategic partnership across enterprise and consumer businesses. For enterprises, the companies are developing an integrated solution to expand data protection across the enterprise using data loss prevention and rights management technologies. For consumers, McAfee’s free diagnostic tool, McAfee Security Scan, is available as an optional download to customers when installing Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player.

McAfee is bundling Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management with McAfee DLP (Data Loss Prevention), so organizations can automate the discovery and protection of critical information assets. This integration lowers the complexity and cost of data protection without the need to change the way users go about their daily business. The result is that more sensitive data is proactively protected based on corporate governance and information assurance policies, but not at the expense of slowing the necessary information exchange inside and outside the firewall.The combination of these technologies provides an additional persistent protection mechanism for new and existing McAfee DLP customers who have classified content, intellectual property and regulatory compliance information on laptops and desktops. Once sensitive data is identified by DLP, LiveCycle Rights Management instantly applies an enforcement policy based on the content of the document to subsequently restrict who can view the content and what they can do with it. This powerful combination ensures sensitive information is protected at all times (and all places), while allowing external users such as partners, suppliers, or customers to gain access and collaborate on sensitive information as needed. If the protected content is accidentally or maliciously forwarded to or accessed by unauthorized recipients, the content is not viewable.Adobe is also sponsoring McAfee’s upcoming annual security conference, Focus 09, taking place October 6-9 at the Palazzo in Las Vegas. At 4:30pm on the first day of the conference, the companies are holding a conference session, Adobe and McAfee: Securing Data Always on the Move, to demonstrate the integration and provide additional product details. Event registration is available here.We are pleased to have McAfee join our growing information security ecosystem. Additional details and demonstrations will be posted on this blog soon.

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Posted on 09-27-2009