How to properly redact PDF files

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Redaction was in the news again today with two large organizations publishing documents that weren’t properly redacted. So we’d like to remind everyone that removing sensitive information from an electronic document is easy…

First – what not to do. This is not proper redaction!.

Simply changing the background color to match the font color, or covering the embedded text is not enough! The text is still there. Just drag your cursor over that text, do a clipboard copy command, then paste into another document to see it.

Now here’s what you should do. After you convert your sensitive document to Adobe PDF, here is a 5 minute clip on AdobeTV that shows how to properly remove sensitive information using redaction tools in Adobe Acrobat Professional.Also, here is the online help for Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional which describes the capabilities for removing sensitive content.If you would like to automate this process for multiple users to propose redactions and have them approved before publishing, consider using a LiveCycle Solution Accelerator, such as Review Commenting and Approval

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Posted on 12-07-2009