Further Details Regarding Attack Against Adobe Corporate Network

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A running theme on this blog is that ASSET and Adobe care a great deal about keeping our products secure and our customers safe. On Tuesday Adobe announced a corporate network security issue and since then we’ve seen media coverage and headlines indicating that vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader may have been the attack vector in this incident.
Just like we always do in the case of reports of security vulnerabilities in an Adobe product, we have been actively tracking down samples or other information regarding potential vulnerabilities in Adobe products related to this incident. The most definitive public description of the incident that we’ve seen thus far is the McAfee post here.
Similar to the McAfee researchers, we have not been able to obtain any evidence to indicate that Adobe Reader or other Adobe technologies were used as the attack vector in this incident. As far as we are aware there are no publicly known vulnerabilities in the latest versions (9.3 and 8.2) of Adobe Reader and Acrobat that we shipped on January 12, 2010.
This is a complex incident, the investigation is ongoing, and we will continue to work our partners in the security community and the other firms affected. We will continue to use the Adobe PSIRT blog as the first line of communication to our customer base regarding any product security vulnerabilities. Even though we don’t have any information regarding a zero day vulnerability in an Adobe product the sophistication of this incident also serves as a reminder to all of us the importance of layers of security to provide the best possible defense against those with malicious intent.
Since the vast majority of successful attacks against all software products are using known, already-patched vulnerabilities we strongly encourage all of our users to update to the latest version of Adobe Reader and Acrobat by visiting get.adobe.com/reader or selecting “Check for updates” from the Help menu.

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Posted on 01-14-2010