News from the Adobe Security Partner Community: 4Point Announces New Quick Start e-Invoicing Solution

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Announced last week, and built using Adobe LiveCycle ESAdobe Security Partner 4Point’s QuickStart e-invoicing solution is designed to offer customers a faster path to cost reduction and improved customer satisfaction by providing an out-of-the-box approach to implementing secure electronic invoicing and eliminating paper.

4Point’s solution leverages LiveCycle ES to provide a way for customers to quickly stand-up an e-invoicing solution with a limited scope that can generate a quick ROI and later serve as a foundation for a broader enterprise-wide capability.

“By means of customer feedback, we noticed anincreasing need in the market for rapid deployment solutions that wouldallow customers to experience a return on investment almost straightaway, yet would instill a confidence that further expanding thesolution would continue to positively affect their company,” saidBarrie Ellis, President & CEO of 4Point. “We’ve built the solutionon the Adobe LiveCycle platform to ensure that it can be expanded intoa full eInvoice solution or even integrated more deeply into theorganization with additional modules from Adobe LiveCycle EnterpriseSuite.”

These e-invoices can also be digitally signed forincreased integrity and compliance requirements.  4Point’s optionale-Invoice QuickStart Digital Signature Module takes advantage of theadvanced digital signature capabilities inherent in LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES2.  Adobe Security Partners GlobalSign and SafeNetalso lend their expertise in digital certificates and hardware securitymodules, respectively, to round out the QuickStart solution.

For more information on 4Point and their QuickStart program, click here.

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Posted on 01-19-2010