Upcoming event will debate legal significance of digital signatures and electronic signatures

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We’ve discussed the legal validity of electronic signatures and digital signatures in this blog in the past.  While a concurrence of laws worldwide point to general acceptance of electronic signatures as legally binding, there are a number of nuances that need to be taken into account when dealing with the identity and evidentiary elements of those electronic signatures, especially as it relates to how they’ll stand up longer term in court.

An event to be
held on March 1, the first day of the RSA 2010 Conference, will be dedicated to these questions. 

Titled “The Last Mile – The Endof Paper: Electronic Versus Digital Signatures,” and put on by the BayArea CSO Council, the roundtable will feature as keynote speakers two US magistrate judges discussing the meritsof electronic signatures and digital signatures, including the Hon. John Facciola, who digitally signed the first US District Court orders late last year.

Otherspeakers include Thomas Smedinghoff (Partner, Wildman Harrold); BillBoggess (CIO, DoD/DMDC); Steven Teppler, Esq (Partner, KamberEdelson);and Gary Terrell (CISO, Adobe Systems).


This should prove to be a very interesting event, especiallyfor those of you with a keen interest in the legal validity of electronic & digital signatures!


You can register for the event here, and a preliminary agenda is located here. Pre-registration is required for this event…so be sure to do that soon if youplan on attending.

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Posted on 01-11-2010