Certified Documents (like the US Federal Budget) explained…in just over a minute and a half!

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John Landwehr, Director of Security Solutions here at Adobe, recently sat down for Focus Washington, an online television series that deals with a variety of topics at the convergence of policy and technology.  Here, Landwehr describes certified documents, and notes their benefits not only to authenticity and integrity, but also to accessibility and indexing.

Landwehr additionally describes how certification has been put to use at the USGovernment Printing Office in critical documents like the FY 2011 FederalBudget, released today:


Document certification signatures are available in Adobe Acrobat and AdobeLiveCycle Digital Signatures ES, are validated in the aforementionedproducts, as well as the freeAdobe Reader, and can benefit from the use of Certified DocumentServices-based signing credentials, more info for which can be found here.

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Posted on 02-01-2010